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    Dr. Suess' Birthday Week!
    By Darci

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    "Dr. Suess"
    Posted by Darci on Feb-27-05 at 00: AM (EST)

    His birthday is this week, isn't it?
    In my classroom we do all sorts of things. I know I will not remember all that I have in that file, but here goes a few ideas.
    Of course we cook "Green Eggs and Ham."
    We read many books by Dr. Suess.
    I have the movie Green Eggs and Ham and some others.
    We study rhymes and write a class book together using them.
    We talk about the real rhyming words versus the made-up ones from a book. Then we list them on chart paper to see which list of Dr. Suess' is longest.
    We make a "Word Family" binder book for each student. (I can explain that if you need me to do so.)
    We have dressed as our favorite Dr. Suess character.
    I have a stuffed Dr. Suess and a stuffed fish from the "Cat in the Hat' It is the one about the rainy day inside the house.
    For Book Character Day one year I got a fellow teacher to dress up with me. Now we do it at this time each year. We bought matching flannel pants and matching long-sleeved t-shirts. We then bought blue shiny wigs. Next we cut out the letters "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" and glued them on white paper which we cut into ovals. We then pinned them on our shirt. We wore blue thick socks. The kids flipped out!
    We also have a woman in our cafeteria who dressed up like the Cat in the Hat. She greets the kids at lunch. It is a big hit!
    I study / review compound words too. I have a huge poster of Thing 1 and Thing 2 each hanging from vines by one arm at the top of the poster. Their other arms hang down to the bottom of the poster. I have two pieces of velcro (one beneath a space below each arm). Then I have prepared compound words (one word on one card.....the other half of the word on the another card). I place those in a huge pocket chart and then the kids take turns coming up in pairs (Thing 1 and Thing 2) and figure out a compound word together to velcro correctly on the poster. I keep bringing up pairs until all the cards are matched. Then we write sentences to see who can use the most compound words in complete sentences before a timer goes off. Fun race. The winner gets a little something (candy, sticker, choice from the treasure box, whatever I have handy).
    I typed in "Dr. Suess Lesson Plans" in the computer and found a lot of mazes, crosswords, etc......
    Hope this gives you maybe one idea you had not thought of. Do you have any to share? I am always looking for more!
    Enjoy yourself!

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