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    elapsed time
    By leah

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    Tessa, what we did was make a t chart and then write 3:30 on one side and 6:10 on the other. Then we explained that you can "Jump" hours just as you jump dollars from 1 - 10... So under 3:30, we wrote 4:30 and on the other side 1 hour, then 5:30 and on the other side 1 hour, and then saw that until 6:30 would be too much. There we began to count by 5s or 10s writing the time - 5:35, 5:40... until we reached 6:10. (At 5:60 we switched it to 6:00) On the other side, opposite the times we wrote 5, 10, 15 and at the end added it all up. Do it as you read this and post back if you understand what I am talking about. It is really hard to explain in words only!

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