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    SPARKLE for Spelling
    By Mary

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    This is a game I play with my students right before our spelling test. I gather the students around the perimeter of the carpet (or they can stand at their seats) and I pick one person to start. The first round, I give the words. Here is how it works. I say a spelling word, and the 1st person says the first letter, 2nd person says the second letter, 3rd person says the 3rd letter and so forth. If a student says the wrong letter, they are out and have to sit down. Here is the exciting part . . . once the last letter is given, the next person says "SPARKLE" and the person next to them gets out. Eventually the game ends in a face off with two students. I give little prizes for the winner. We usually play two rounds. For the second round, I have the winner of the first round be the "teacher" and they give the spelling words while I play. The students love to SPARKLE me!. It is a good game and doesn't solely rely on knowing how the spell to win. For ESL and Special Ed students I stretch the word out so that they hear the letter sound to say. And, I allow them to point to the letter on the alphabet chart. All other students are very accomodating and even begin to use the same strategies with eachother to help out. Try it . . . it's fun!

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