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    Walk of Fame
    By Jennifer in OK

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    Have a silver or gold star with each student's name and have the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You could even do it on a wall and call it the Wall of Fame. If you have a paper size cut out, you could let students post a choice of assignment - if your school is ok with that - and it could be a yearlong thing.

    You could also take their picture on the first day posed as a movie star with sun glasses or in a model pose. This is always fun if you take the beginning and end of the year pic to compare their growth.

    You could have a b-board with award winning subjects like "Best Mathematician = Addie Addition", "Grammar in a Supporting Role = Casey Comma" or whatever other things go on in 1st grade. (I'm 4th so I'm thinking higher up stuff.)

    You could have a "Star of the Week" or "Award Winning Student" who is your helper and have a b-board devoted to that student. Let them bring the item to put on the board.

    Your centers could be named after Oscar winning actors, actresses, or movies.

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