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    By Kim

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    You can also have them build individual graphs by rolling dice. Make dice that fit with your theme. Give each student a blank grpah and let them label the columns (or you can do this part). I use this at a center and the kids roll a die and record the roll on the grph. This week we are studying jobs that people do. I have a graph with pictures of a doctor, police officer, firefighter, and a postal worker. The die is labeled with these pictures also. The students take turns rolling the die until everyone has rolled and recorded 10 times on their own graph. My assistant then has them interpret the grph. They are all different. I also do this with coins. Another way is to give them an object (such as a premade paper cookie) and let them graph whats on it. I made "rainbow chip cookies" and each student had to graph the colored chips on the cookie they chose. Next week we are soing a unit on pizza. I will be making paper pizzas and the students will have to graph the amounts of each ingredient.

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