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    By Linda

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    I don't have a lot of these games but one thing I did do was create a couple of "generic" game boards on poster board or in a file folder. Then I can use them for spelling words, reading, language, whatever. For instance, using the parts of speech, I make up cards with sentences on them and one word underlined in each. Then, as they travel around the board and have to pull a card from the pile, they have to read the sentence and identify what part of speech the underlined word is. I also use it with spelling words with two piles of cards and if they land on a certain type of square, they must pull from the card pile where they have to spell the word or tell the definition. If they land on another type of square, they have to pull from the other pile where they must name the syllables, give an antonym, homonym, synonym, etc., maybe put it in alphabetical order with 3 other words, etc. You could even combine the cards in one pile. I hope this helps. I also make file folder games from worksheets. If you have any questions or need more info, please e-mail me.

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