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    Asperger's Syndrome
    By Naomi

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    Kids on the autism spectrum, which Asperger's is on, all have a lot of trouble with social boundaries--when is it ok to say this? Why do I have to wait when I know the answer? Why do I have to take turns? Although all these strange little social rules are second nature to us, they actually have to be taught to people with AS who do not pick them up naturally.

    Sometimes it helps to write down a discrete set of rules, not too general and not too specific. You'll know they are too specific if there are too many for any person to follow, lol. And you'll know they are to general for him if you have to keep explaining, "why did you do this? rule number x says ___"

    Sometimes if it is an ongoing habit, it helps to write a social story. A social story is a story about the child that is geared to the verbal level of the child (from picture story all the way to very detailed) that talks about the behavior and what the child will do to try to behave in the correct way.

    Having a child with AS in your class is none to easy. But these kids have a insight into learning that is different from yours and mine, and if you let them you can learn a new way of looking at problems. And you will grow tremendously.


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