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    spelling games
    By samdyH

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    One game I play is Spelling Survivor. Everyone stands and I announce the word. The first speller says the first letter, second person the 2nd letter and so on. The person who says the last letter picks a popsicle stick out of the class can. That person is "voted off the island" and is out. Anyone who says an incorrect letter is out, too. they cannot pull their own stick. When you are down to 2 players, it works the same way, except this time, when they pull the stick it could be their own and they are voted off. The last player is the winner.
    Another game I play is "quickspell" where students are in teams of maybe 4-5. Each team has a baggie of small cards with letters on them. I announce 2 or 3 spelling words and say go. When the team has both words spelled usuing their letters, they raise their hands. The first team done with all words correct gets 2 pts. all other team swith words correct get 1 pt. The team with the most points wins.
    I've also played spelling battleship. Students each get 2 grids (5x5 or 6x6 are good) They program one of their grids by hiding words in the blocks. (a whole word goes in a box) They sit back to back with a partner and try to guess locations of words like in battleship, for instance B-3. The partner tells them if it's a hit or miss. If it's a miss, it's the other player's turn; if it's a hit, the player pronounces the word and the other player has to try to spell it correctly. They use their blank grid for recording their own guesses.

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