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    Spelling Game
    By MB5

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    I think this game is a great idea. Our school actually plays a version of this on field day. The class forms a circle around plastic discs that have the letters on them. Then each child takes a turn spelling a word by running to the letter, and stomping on it. (They're placed about 1 foot apart.) The rest of the class is not allowed to talk, but they can direct their classmate by gesturing.

    What I was thinking for your game is that maybe you could play the game in small groups (6-8 kids). They can take turns, and if they get stuck, they can look to their team-mates for non-verbal help. This will promote teamwork (hopefully), and the other kids in the group will be paying attention to the spelling since they may need to assist their teammate. I think the shower curtain/keyboard idea is GREAT (kinda reminds me of Twister!) I don't know what your floor situation is there, but you could buy that no-skid stuff they sell to put under rugs, and glue strips of it on the back of the shower curtain using rubber cement. If they're permitted, kids could take their shoes off to play, which will add to the appeal of this game. Wow! I'm getting excited about this. I'm off to the dollar store to get my shower curtain!

    P.S. Does anyone have other games that they use shower curtains for? I'm very intrigued by this idea...


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