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    Noun Game
    By Azure

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    I play the Noun Game in my classroom, and my students absolutely love it! Let's see if I can explain this in a reasonable manner.

    MATERIALS: Letter blocks, deck of cards with students' names on them or something to call on them throughout the game in a quick fashion

    OBJECT: To be the last person standing in the game.

    1. Have students stand behind their chairs.
    2. Draw a letter block (I have a bucket full of them.)
    3. State your rule, for example, "You must give me a proper noun that starts with the letter "n" as in Niagra Falls. (You can change what you'd like them to respond with, common nouns, names, etc.)
    4. Start calling students one by one to give you a word.
    5. At the end of the round (after you've called everyone's name) pick a new letter block and repeat until one student is left standing.

    1. Student repeats a noun that has already been said in that round.
    2. Student says a word that is not a noun.
    3. Student exceeds the time limit. When I start the game in the beginning of the year, we go slow. Then later, if they even hesitate after I call their name, they're out! If I say, "Steven" and he says, "Ugh.." He's out!

    This game is so much fun and it really gets them familiar with nouns. When my students see my bucket of letters come from the closet, they yell "NOUN GAME!!"

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