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    Teaching Greece
    By Jean

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    I introduced the theme with Greek music and food tasting of feta cheese olive bread grape juice and baklava. Passed pictures around to begin a stimulus. Asked the students what they knew and wanted to know.

    Explored websites and books

    Vaughan, J.(1988). We live in Greece.
    Oram, S. (1974) Starters Places Greece
    Allard, D. (1996). Postcards from Greece.

    Taught recipe genre to my year 2/3 class by making a Greek salad, on an oht I let the class direct each member to do each step reading from oht, I took a digital camera picute of each step. We then made a cut and paste booklet of the steps photo copied from Over head transparancy and got enough pictures for students to have a picture of each step.

    With older grades you could do a 5 W's of ancient Greece lifestyle. Olympians, men women from watching videos of ancient theatre and oympians.

    WE also boiled eggs let them cool crack them around but not peel, boiled further in red food dye added to water. This linked to marble being a commom structure in Greece and leading into religious ceremonies easter and christianity of Greek history.

    We wrote what it would be like to have lived in Greece then. For older you could use democracy, theatre, olympics, religion etc.

    Good luck

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