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    PowerPoint in second grade
    By Airpplane

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    I teach second grade and have used PowerPoint almost daily for the past couple years (not using much of the chalkboard or whiteboard for a long while). I use it mostly as a teacher toolbox and a digital "chalkboard" (my handwriting is not usually legible). I hook up the PC to a TV display using a scan convertor unit called AVKey. PowerPoint is then instantly displayed on the TV monitor. Some items I have displayed include daily schedule/assignments. Kind of like instant writing on the board without all that erasing. One of PowerPoint's neatest feature is not its animation but its special script that you can use to create an editbox/textbox for instant keyboarding (no need to prepare the slide in advance). Spelling list, daily language practice, math problem of the day, homework, reminders. It is useful for test format practice, especially item by item analysis. Also I use this computer-TV hookup to show Internet sites, CD-ROM and online games for whole-class participation. Sometimes I use it to demonstrate/model the writing process.

    Send me an e-mail if you would like to receive a sample PowerPoint document with the script, for PowerPoint97 and up, I think.

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