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    Spelling Ideas
    By Laurie

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    I am not sure what grade you are working with but here are a few activites for 3rd grade and up.

    1) Sparkle - You give a spelling work and each student says one letter of the word until it is spelled. For example say the word is "hat." Person one says "h", person two says "a", person three days "t", person four says "hat", and person five says "sparkle". You then say the next word and the next group of children completes it. For older kids I put a twist on it so that they have to be quiet and listen. If a child gets the letter wrong they have to sit down. Then the next child has to say the correct letter right where they left off. Kids seem to love this game and can't get enough of it.

    2) When I student taught I did spelling contracts with the kids each week in 4th grade. On Monday I would give them the spelling word and the contract that had to be turned in by Friday. The contract consisted of 4 activities and if the children wanted an "A" they had to do all 4, a "B" required 3 to be done, and so on. Some of the activities I did was to

    a) have students write all their spelling words and write vowels in blue and consonants in red.

    b) cut letters out of magazines to create their spelling words.

    c) make a word search with their words.

    d) use all the words in a story.

    e) look up the definitions of each word.

    f) secret code words ex. 1=a 2=b etc.

    g) for each code word find how much each was worth by adding them up.

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