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    By Wanda

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    We do many activities in my MR class of 2-3 graders. Monday they get their list of words and they have to make flashcards, write their words in their agendas, and in their spelling dictionary which is in the homework folder. This way I know that they have three sources to find their words in. Each morning they have to use two of the words in a sentence correctly. We also go over the words saying the word, spelling the word, clapping out the syllables, and spelling the word with our eyes closed. They also have to write the words two times on a homework sheet. On Tuesdays, we fill in outlined boxes with out words. They have learned the tall letters, short letters and the letters that fall down. They have to fit the word in the boxes. They may also have an unscrambling activity. Again we review the words. Wednesdays, they have a Try, Copy, Spell activity to do. First I call the words for them to write down on paper, then we check and copy the correct spelling of misspelled words, then the words are called again to see if they can spell the words. Thursdays, we complete an activity where they cut out letters to spell their words on another sheet of paper. Fridays before testing the students we play a game or two to practice. I have alphabet cards that I have put magnets on the back of. All the letters needed to spell the weeks words are on the board. Students like to be timed to see if they can spell all the words. We also play tic tac toe with two teams. Each time a word is spelled correctly that teams puts an X or O in their space. The same with all the letter up on the board, form two teams and they have to take turns seeing which team can get the most points. There are many games to make up. I keep centers up with magnetic letters and aluminum cookie sheets to practice their words, use alphabet stamps to stamp the words on paper, put the words on tape or let students that know the words give trial tests, mine love testing each other. They have even started rewarding each other with a sheet of paper or pencil if they spell all the words right.
    This really helps the students work together and encourage each other to do their best.

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