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    Valentine's S.O.S.
    By Moe

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    Stick with the old saying...."If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" If you can't keep their minds off the Valentine's festivities, then make it the focus of your whole day. In my 2nd grade classroom our Valentine boxes mysteriously disappear about an hour into the school day (I quickly stash them in the janitor's closet while they're out for recess) Then we spend the entire day working to find them. Our secretary sends down a mysterious "ransome" letter which contains a series of clues. To earn a clue the students must all perform a task (Math = Valentine word problems; Lang. Arts = Valentine stories, etc.). As they complete their work to my satisfaction, the clues are revealed, saving the biggie for last. Then we hunt down the Valentines just in time for the party. It's a hit every year. Maybe it will work for you??? Good luck!

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