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    Newspaper Ideas
    By Diane

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    Something my class enjoys doing is playing a creative thinking game called "Go for the Gold." Here's how it works:

    1)Using the classified section, take out either one page or a double page of classified ads.

    2)Make five circles on the pages, with the largest covering the outer perimeter of the entire page and each circle inside getting smaller. Each space should be a couple of inches wide.

    3)Label each section (in between lines)as follows:
    a)moat (largest section)
    e)GOLD (inside circle)

    4)Working either in groups or by themselves, students must find something advertised in the classifieds that could be used to get him/her to the next level. This item must appear in the particular section they're trying to get across.(Example: to cross the moat, you could jump over it on a trampoline - because there was a trampoline listing in the "moat" section.)

    5)Students then share their ideas with other classmates once everyone reaches the Gold section.

    This really stimulates creative thinking because students must come up with creative ways to use ordinary items.

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