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    First days
    By Susan/5th

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    Relax, Jay - I think we all feel overwhelmed right before school starts. I know I did!! We've been in school over a week now, and these are some things that made the transition easier:

    1. Have nametags on desks so students know where to sit. Have their first assignment on the board and ask them to begin working. Explain that you'll instruct them what to do with their bookbags in a little while. The assignments can be information sheets, etc... I had a piece of notebook paper on each desk and told them to write me a letter and tell me about themselves, their families, etc... It helped me see their writing ability as well as know more about them.

    2. After most students were finished, I went over some general procedures (quiet when I'm talking, what to do to begin the day, etc...). I told them we would continue going over these daily until I was sure everyone knew what to do.

    3. Have a bulletin board that says "Getting to Know You" and have pictures and tidbits about yourself. I used that to tell who I was. I have a picture of me graduating college, former classes, etc... The bulletin board next to it says "Math about me" and is where students use math equations to write information about themselves (3x2)-2= the number of kids in the family, etc... Then have a picture of each child (taken the first day and developed as soon as possible) next to their equations.

    4. Have assessment tests ready to give. This takes up time, but it sure lets you know where the students are - so you know where to begin teaching. It also shows them that you mean business and that your classroom is a place of learning.

    Sorry, this is getting long, but it gives you a general idea. I had 3X the amount of work that was needed, but I used it for day 2, so it was fine. You'll do fine - and your student teacher will probably LOVE to try out new ideas he/she has!

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