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    Spelling Games
    By JM

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    Here are a couple of games we play.
    Draw the tic-tac-toe lines on the board.
    Pick a boy or girl(we play boys vs. girls).
    Have the child write the word in a box.
    If they spell it wrong, get out of the box, or make their letters wrong, they have to erase it and pick the opposite sex to come up.
    If they get it right, they pick the same sex to come up.
    The first person to make a line wins the game.
    There are no x's or o's. Just words filled in.
    You can make a winning line from the other teams words.

    Hot Seat:
    Put 3 chairs in front of the chalkboard.
    Pick 3 students to sit in them.
    Write a word behind them on the board.
    Don't let the 3 "hot seats" see the word.
    The other students in the class give clues to the kids in the hot seats.
    When a hot seat thinks he or she knows the word, he or she rings a bell(I set it in front of the hot seats on a table.)
    Whoever rings the bell has to say the word and spell it correctly.
    If correct, the other 2 hot seats pick someone new to come up.
    If incorrect, all 3 hot seats pick someone new to come up.

    Hope this helps!

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