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    science help
    By Julianne

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    For magnets I start by having students handle two magnets to feel the attraction and repulsion. The wand magnets work well for this because they are strong. As a follow-up I have bags of small items prepared. In each baggy are about 20 items. This can be a whole group activity or a center. Either way stress that each object should be tested individually, don't just sweep the magnet in the bag to see what "sticks". I make sure there are a few surprises in the bags, like an aluminum washer, a coin, a plastic toy that has a magnet inside, etc. This way students will guess wrong once in a while and must then try to explain why something broke the rules. A final fun activity is to make a game. To make a fishing game, make a fishing pole of an unsharpened pencil, string and a small magnet. Photocopy fish with upper and lower case alphabet letters (or something else your students are studying). Have students cut out the fish and place a staple in their snouts. Now they can fish for pairs. Or, you can photocopy paperdolls with a base that can be folded under to let them stand up. Now attach a paperclip to their base. you can use a magnet to make them "dance" around on the top of a box or even a desk. (doll on top of the desk, magnet beneath)

    For hibernation, it's fun to make a little flap book. Have students study animals that hibernate. Then create the book by drawing a tree, a cave, underground, etc. on each page. Add a flap of brown paper. Under the paper draw the animal hibernating in its den. The student adds an appropriate sentence to make a story - "A fox hibernates in his den. A rabbit hibernates underground. A bear hibernates under a fallen tree." And so on. Another fun activity to do with hibernation is to calculate how many hours a child sleeps in winter, and how many hours a hibernating animal would sleep.

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