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    Olympics survey & graphing project
    By Lisa/5th/FL

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    Our class also used the Olympics. My kids each surveyed 50 people to see which was their favorite of four Olympic sports. Then the students made a tally chart, a bar graph, and a circle graph displaying their data, and wrote four real-life questions that could be answered with the data. Then they put all of it on a poster. They really enjoyed it, and they have gotten good at constructing their own graphs.

    They needed the most help with the circle graph, but surveying 50 people made it easy to change their numbers to percents (just multiply by two). Some of them had trouble visualizing how much, say, 38% would be on a circle graph, so we did a lot of work with that.

    Overall, they really impressed me!

    For line graphs, try taking 5 minutes out of each day to add data to a graph over a few weeks. We kept track of tardies and absences (double line graph) for two weeks. I had the graph posted in the front of the room, and after we added the new data, we talked about overall trends, predictions, etc.


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