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    Measurement search
    By Kathy

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    I do a search through the room where they work in teams and try to measure different objects. I have three parts: First part--Particular things to measure, second part--finding items of a certain length, third part--listing on back as many items as they can find that equal a foot. That last one is good because then noone is "done" and it gives the slower ones a chance to finish at least the first two parts. (The third section is a challenge.) As mentioned above, by observing the process you can find out who "gets" it. It's NOT a quiet activity, but I've noticed if you stop while interest is still high--about 15-20 minutes--students are rarely off task during this activity.

    Another favorite with us: "The Measurement Is Right" It's played just like the game show where you call down 3-5 players at a time. (I ham this up by drawing names and booming out, "Andrea, come on down!!) Those kids try to estimate the length of an object around the classroom and write their estimates on the board. We then actually measure it and see who is closest. The winners of each round face off during the final round, and the winning child is declared "Measurement King/Queen for the Day." They love this and get pretty good about estimating lengths!

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