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    In Class Spelling Help
    By Stephanie

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    An in class activity to help with spelling is a game. Write all of the words on the board. Including some words from previous weeks is good to (if you think the kids can handle it). Let the kids study the words on the board for a couple of minutes, so they can realize what extra words are there and remind themselves of what the weeks words are. Then have the kids put their heads down and erase a word. Let them put their heads up and do one of the follwing options.
    1. Have students raise their hands and pick a student to tell you the erased word and spell it to you (definitions could also be given if they are required to learn those as well). Let the person that was called on erase the next word and choose the next person.

    2. Have students write the words on small chalk/white boards or on paper. Watch for the fastest student, choose him or her to erase the next word.

    Any variation of this is good. Sometimes I give candy or stickers to everyone that writes the words correctly.

    Another game....
    There is an around the world game that is played with math, but I use it for spelling also. Pick a student to start. Everypne, but that student should be sitting. Have them stand next to the person in one corner of the room (whp can stand or sit, its up to you). Give a word to the 2 people. Have them write it down and raise his or her hand when he or she is done writing the word. Whoever gets the word correct moves to the next desk going up and down rows or around clusters (depending on the set-up of the room). The other person sits back down in the seat that the word was asked at. Giving words more than once is fine.

    Hope these suggestions help!!


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