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    Contraction Game
    By Amanda K

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    When I teach contractions, I make sure I do a direct lesson on the board with the contractions I am teaching - for example, I teach the 're and the 've contractions together, and I make sure that the kids are familiar with these contractions. Then, I take 20 index cards, one for each students. I pair up the index cards, and with a colored marker on the first card, I write the contraction, such as "we've." On the second card, I write the whole phrase, "we have" with another colored marker. I do this with all 20 cards, then I mix the cards up and pass them out to the kids. I tell the kids that the ones with the red marker have the contractions, and the ones with the green marker have the two words, and they need to go around the room and find their partner.

    Once they have found their partner, they need to sit down together, read the words, figure out which are the two words, which is the contraction, and what letter or letters does the apostrophe substitute. When all kids are seated, I go around the room and ask the teams for their contraction, for the two words, and for the missing letters. We play this a couple of times before doing our worksheet. If you have an odd number of kids, you can have a card, too... the kids love this.

    I keep these cards on my desk, and the kids will even ask to play this at the end of the day for our fun activity. It gets them up and moving during a lesson, and they love it. It's also a great lesson to teach for a principal observation... my principal loved it when I did it for her.

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