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    open house
    By jjj

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    I have always done a charting activity at an open house. Ask a question and the parents/child put their answer on a chart --to be discussed the next day in class e.g.where was mom born? where was Dad born?
    I also do a counting activity- put pumpkin seeds in a jar and have parents make an estimate

    I have the student's portfolios out for the parents to look through. I have the parents write a note to their child in their journals.

    One year I had the parent/child write a page for a transformation book. I used to be a circle , but now I am a ------. Have a precut circle,glue, markers, and paper at a table. The parent/child add to the circle and make it into something different. examples: I used to be a circle but now I am a snowman. I used to be a circle but now I am a car's wheel. The parents were creative and we had a wonderful new book to put together and read in our class library. We had done a similar book with a different shape so the children knew the drill.

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