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    Magnetism and electricity
    By Sharon

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    Hi! I always start with a book called Mickey's Magnet and then move on to testing objects in the classroom. Students use a recording sheet: does and doesn't stick. Magnets are inexpensive at craft stores. We then make a list and deduce that most metal objects are magnetic etc. I then move on to terminology and demonstrate force, push , pull attract and repel. I tie a paper clip to a chair with thin string and use a magnet to lift it without touching it. This is the force we cant see. I let them feel magnets attract and repel as well. I get iron filings to demonstrate magnetic field by having students move the filings with a magnet under a plate.

    I use this to lead into static electricity and use balloons to demonstrate static on hair. The balloons can be charged on the hair and placed together to attract or repel. I use combs and tissue paper to demonstrate static> Students comb their hair and use the static to pick up the tissue. Good Luck

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