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    hw policy
    By kaese

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    Several teachers at the school where I student taught used the following policy:
    1st late/missed HW: do it at recess, then go play
    2nd late: do it at recess and stay in afterward
    3rd late: parent contact and administrative form
    4th late: not allowed on field trips

    Every quarter they were given a clean slate. You better believe only one kid missed a field trip before everyone fell in line. I understand at some public schools students cannot be held in at recess, so I guess it would need tweaking for that.

    Also, I've read that making the homework part of a fun activity that is continued in class the next day is THE way to go, but that just seems easier said than done to me (like much of educational theory). There are some things that just can't be made fun, so I can't see it working on a daily basis in every subject. Maybe it's just me.

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