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    Behavior chart
    By PoohBear

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    I use a pocket chart with index card size pockets. They are available at most educational supply stores or websites. For the cards I use pastel colored index cards (no cutting, a big benefit!) I write the child's name on the card and place it in the chart. I hang the chart next to the calendar area which is also where the children sit for whole group times. I got the self inking stamp from an office supply store--Office Depot, Staples, Office Max. Just ask and someone will point you to the right aisle. The ink will last a full year or more.

    I should also mention that I do something else to help motivate the whole class. Below the pocket chart I put a paper with numbers 1-20 on it. Every time we have a day with all smiley faces, I cross off a number. When all the numbers have been crossed off, we have a special celebration. Last year we had a popcorn party, bubbles party, sippers and slippers (we drank hot chocolate and wore bedroom slippers in the classroom) and a popsicle party. This helps motivate the students to encourage each other in good behavior and not just focus on their own card.

    I know that some people do not believe in rewards but I think it's a concrete and fun way to visibly show the children that you are proud of them. And the rewards do not have to be big.....when I say I give a child a smartie, I mean one smartie, not a pack. It's the recognition that's important. I while I agree that we should all do the right thing just because it's the right thing, how many teachers don't enjoy a kind note or small gift from a parent who appreciates how much time and effort you are putting into making learning exciting and enriching?

    Unfortunately I don't have a letter explaining this to the parents. I verbally explain it at "Back to School" night because it's just easier to explain when they're looking at the chart.

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