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    Morning Sign-in sheets
    By johabella

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    My 5th graders come in and turn their homework in a basket. Then they "sign-in" on a checksheet that I created for the week during their morning procedures. They find their name, write down a #1 (turned in all homework), #2, (turned in some homework), or a #3 (didn't turn in homework) and then they initial. Before our lesson in which they did homework for, I have two students help pass back their homework, so that we can check it together, and so I can also see whose desk is "empty" because no homework was passed back to them. I quickly check the clipboard with their morning sign-in sheet to make sure everyone was trustworthy about writing down the right # for their homework.

    I have had a couple of students not tell the truth when they sign in. For example, they would write down a #1 when they either didn't turn in their howework at all, or was missing a piece. I them call them out in front of the class for not being trustworthy, and it usually doesn't happen again. :)

    I LOVE this system because it helps keep documentation of every student's weekly homework and it also helps academically to pass the homework back out to check together because it's a great review of the upcoming lesson. Those that didn't do their homework also benefit from watching the review. It usually only takes me about 5 minutes to go over the answers. I also love it because it makes it easy to see who's absent, if their name section is blank. :)

    I would attach my sign-in sheet, but I'm a new member and I don't have that luxury yet. :)

    I use homeworkopoly on Fridays too. The student of the week grabs the clipboard and calls the students that had all #1's on their sign-in sheet to roll the dice. I don't manage the game at all....which they LOVE!! Students that don't have all #1's work on making up one piece of their missing homework during this time.

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