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    On 5 . . .
    By J.Elaine

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    :oIt may sound kind of silly when I type it out, but here's what I do.

    Raise my hand and say (rather loudly), "On 5, you are getting quiet."
    Then a little quieter, "On 4, everyone is heading back to his or her own seat."
    A little quieter yet, "On 3, you are getting ready to listen."
    Even quieter, "On 2, all eyes on me."
    Then quietest of all, "On 1, . . . . (start giving instructions)"

    Of course, I don't always say the same things, but the point is I raise my hand to get their attention and get a little quieter each time as I count down. Sometimes everyone is ready to listen by the time I get to 4!!!!!! :) It works very well for me and my 4th and 5th graders.

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