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    We have electronic books available with our Math and Social Studies books. So I can go to the publsiher's website and put tectbooks pages on the board and write on them. There are also activites that go with the pages that we can do toghether.

    I often look for images to explain things we are talking about. For example, today we were talking about drums. I found pictures of different kinds of drums. When we talked about recylcing paper, I found a website with pictures and an explanation of how a class made recycled paper. We have looked at the geyser camera at Yellowstone Park. I can write on the board, and highlight whatever we are talking about.

    When we learned about counting coins, the kids had play money on their desks. I have pictures of coins on the Smartboard. We take out a set of coins, say 3 quartes, a dime, and 2 pennies. Someone comes up and drags the coins from the tops of the board to the bottom and we count the value of the coins, writing under the coins. They love it!

    I also found a game on line called Stop the Clock! That has analog clocks with the time written digitally below. The kids drag the correct times under the clocks, trying to do it more quickly each time.

    The Smartboard is my favorite thing in my room other than the kids!

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