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    I use coins
    By Steph

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    Hi! I do use coins in my classroom economy. Second graders really need the practice with changing coins, counting money, and equivalent amounts! Students get paid 4 cents per day and they must always have the least number of coins possible in their containers. This way, we're trading pennies for nickels after the second or third day. I pay them based on behavior, homework completion, kindness, jobs, etc. A penny here or there adds up. They also have to pay me if behavior, homework, etc. is not monitored. Every other week I open a classroom store and they can shop.

    I make them count their money before they come up and know how much they have to spend. Also they need to know if they will get change back and we practice counting how much. Once I've into'd rounding we work that in too.

    Hope that gives you an idea. It takes a lot of time, but it's good skill work.


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