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    By mandyg

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    I actually use the old fashioned file cabinet. Here is a wordy explanation of how I organize it!!!

    I devoted one drawer to each subject I teach. Please note there are no drawers for science and math because I don't teach those subjects. I took all of these files home and stored them away.

    Top Drawer- Reading

    Mini Lessons- folder for each skill taught (Ex. cause and effect, poetry, etc)
    Guided Reading books- I have a folder for each book with the tab labeled with the level and any skill I like to teach with it (sequencing, setting, foreshadowing, etc.)
    Novels- one file for each book title I have taught- I grouped these together and alphabetized the story titles to help locate the info
    Readers Theaters- grouped into fractured fairy tales and others
    Parent Tips and Information
    *I *think* this is it. I am working from my memory so I may be missing something. Also, this file was so large it had to move down to the second drawer.*

    Second Drawer- Writing, Grammar, the rest of the Reading Files
    Writing Mini Lessons- one folder per topic. (Vivid verbs, beginning Middles and Ends, Using Quotations, Editing)

    File for ideas for mini lessons
    Starting Writers Workshop- papers for their writing folders, initial activities, books to start, etc
    **In this drawer I also have all my grammar activities. I organized them into skill and then ordered them from beginning to the end of the school year.**

    Sentences-four kinds of sentences, subject and predicate, incomplete sentences/ fragments
    Nouns-proper and common
    and so on.... I think you get the picture!
    Third Drawer- Social Studies
    I divide this drawer into units and put them in the order we study them. For example

    Maps and Globes
    Exploration and Explorers
    Colonization: The New England Colonies, Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies
    The Road to the Revolutionary War
    The Revolutionary War
    Westward Expansion
    Beginnings of the Civil War
    Bottom Drawer- My Stuff

    Personal documentation (leave forms, references, copies of evaluations),
    School forms from students (technology release forms, inclement weather forms, student handbook forms, etc.)
    Holiday related files (Christmas, Mothers Day, I also include Beginning and End of the Year files here).

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