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    Math Daily 5 and Math CAFE
    By goldenbeads

    Download: The Mathematics CAFÉ Menu draft.doc (36.352 KB)

    I have two of everything: two CAFE boards, two pensieves, two word collectors, two pocket charts for Daily 5+1 . . . but I teach three grades (and at least 12 ability levels). My kids aren't confused - we have a Math cafe and a literacy cafe. That's just how they know their class. My Math CAFE: Comprehension:I understand the problem. Application: I use what I know to solve different problems. Facts: I know the basic math facts. Expand and Explain:I know, find, and use math words to explain how I solve problems. My Math CAFE menu is not as complete as it will be, and jlfogerty's PACE was a huge help. My Math Daily 5+1: Practice New Skill (usually an assignment from me) Solve Word Problems Practice Math Facts Work With Shapes and Sizes (measurement, geometry) Data, Logic, and Strategy Games I have a pocket chart with the Daily at the top and under it, forming columns, are the activities I've taught them that they can/must choose. For the games, I have many from Investigations and Scholastic's Shoebox Learning Centers ( http://shop.scholastic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplayproductId=11980&langId=-1&storeId=10001&catalogId=10004 ), but I also have Guess Who, Battleship, Connect Four, and other commercial games that will be "work."

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