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    Helping and Linking Verb Game
    By Mrs. G

    Download: helping linking cards.doc (31.744 KB)

    Kids love games! They can practice identifying linking verbs and helping verbs using this simple game. Use the attached set of cards to play this game. Each card has a sentence using either a linking or helping verb. Shuffle the cards and place them on a stack. Have students take turn drawing a card from the top of the deck. He/she reads the sentence aloud and then says if the underlined verb is a linking or helping verb. If he gets the it right he keeps the card. If he gets it wrong it gets returned to the bottom of the pile. And it is the next players turn. The person with the most cards at the end of the game win. I would have the students play this with a partner so they get more individual practice. You can add more cards to make the game last longer or if you plan on using it with larger groups. You may want to number the cards and create an answer key so the children can check their answers independently.

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