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Theme - Baseball Theme

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Ideas to get you started on a home run hitting baseball theme.
Baseball Theme
Posted by:BuzyBee #57461

Bulletin Boards: "Batter Up! It's going to be a Great year!" "Look who's hitting a home run in ____'s class!"

Behavior: Give everyone a baseball glove with their name on it. Put four baseballs in the glove. On the top one write "Home Run", second one write "Third Base." For every infraction, students move one of their baseballs during the day. The goal is to stay on Home Run all day. OR call each
infraction a "strike."

Name Tags: Use a clipart program to put students names on baseballs and print on cardstock.

Reading Corner: A green rug, posters/pictures of famous baseball players around, a couple of baseball beanbags (check Wal-Mart) and a sign that says "YOU ALWAYS HIT A HOME RUN WHEN YOU READ!" Hang large cardboard baseballs around the room with character words written on them. I've seen baseball...

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Baseball Unit
Posted by:teach4TX #120319

I do a baseball unit w/ my 4th graders, and will start it in a few weeks. Here are some activities I do.

Student Baseball Cards:
Each student creates a baseball card about himself/herself. The stats are just facts about themselves.

Baseball biographies:
Students draw from a hat a professional player's name. Then we spendsome time doing research online and using books. Students then create a "baseball card" for their player. You can even have the students do a "trading day" with their cards.

Baseball spreadsheet and graph:
Students choose a baseball team to track for ten games. They keep up with wins/losses for the 10 games on a spread sheet in excel. Then we use that data to create a graph.

Skinnybones by Barbara Park (novel, my favorite & students' favorite)
Baseball Saved...

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Baseball Theme
Posted by:2sNews #88557

Not so much all decorations - but these things could be a help for the room ...

Art Projects:

- Not sure how old your students are - but if you have butcher paper - they can trace each others body on paper - then decorate them to look like baseball players - they can hang them around the room.

- Paper Mache' Baseball

- Have all the students and parents donate aluminum foil and make a foil baseball - larger than the teachers desk would be your goal for the month.

- Have your class bring in 2 dollars each, go to a fabric store - get white caps, and have the class decorate the caps to match the baseball team of their choice.

Language Assignment

- Have the class write their very own Take Me Out To the Ball Game song -...

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Spelling Baseball
Posted by:Jennifer #37323

I am planning on adding a "baseball game" to my spelling center. I made a spinner which reads single, double, triple, homerun (each have 2) and out (4 total). Then, I made a simple gameboard out of poster board of a baseball field. I am going to have the group split into 2 teams with one member as the designated pitcher. The person up to bat will spin the spinner to find out what the word is worth. If they get it right then they will advance their little token on the gameboard around the bases. If they get it wrong, each time will count as a stike. If they get three, it will be an automatic out.

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Baseball Biographies
Posted by:karen #95845

I have kids use empty two litre bottles to make a model of a baseball player. They fill the bottle with water and cap it. Then they attach a head and decorate the bottle to look like the player of their choice. They also have to write a biography of their player.

In another lesson, I use the famous "whose on first" routine from Abbot and Costello. I find a version on the web, print the routine and have the kids listen to it. You really understand the importance of punctuation from this routine and the kids love it!

Another thing I do is have every kid pick a team, make a pennant and follow the stats of the team. We use the paper (or I go online and print them) about once a week. It helps kids with positive and negative numbers, averages and besides,...

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baseball geography
Posted by:Alysia Battista #93288

I took the 30 major league baseball teams and had the students locate the cities and states they played in on the map. The kids made a human time line using the dates the teams came into the league. Then they located their teams and read facts such as "Yankee" means a person from the North or "Astros" is short for "astronauts" because there is a space station in Houston. This lent itself to discussion about population migration because as students placed their star stickers on the map (according to the date they came into the league) to show where their teams are located, they noticed that they all started in the north east and spread south and west.

I also divided the class into teams and had them play "The Race for First Place" which is a trivia game I created in which the students can answer a...

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Posted by:Sari #56221

I used to play Vocabulary Baseball with my students. Divide the class into two teams. Call a batter from one team and a catcher from the other. You "pitch" a word, and the batter spells it. (This can be done orally or on the board.) If the batter makes a mistake, the catcher gets a chance to get the batter "out." You can vary the rules depending on the age of your students and the amount of time you have.

A variation of the game involves other skills, as well. For example, spelling correctly could be a single, spelling and defining a double, sp., def., and giving part of speech a triple, and all three plus using in a sentence a home run.

I had middle school students, and they seemed to enjoy the game. You can even play just a few minutes a day and add up...

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baseball multiplication
Posted by:Christina #85290

We use Everyday Math and that program has a game called Baseball Multiplication. There is a black line master of a baseball diamond with the bases, a place to mark strike outs, and a place to mark runs. The "pitcher" rolls two die and the "batter" multiplies the numbers together and says the answer. Correct answer = a hit; incorrect, a strike. Students move their game pieces (pennies, whatever) on the master until they make up to 3 home runs. Then the "pitcher" and "batter" trade roles. You could always expand this to make it life-size or modify it to be addition, subtraction, division. Hope that helps!

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Posted by:Tanya #82655

I use Babe and I by David Adler to teach my 4th graders setting--the setting is the Depresseion era. Discussion leads to a good deal of inferencing too.

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Baseball Behavior
Posted by:Trish #24354

I printed out a page full baseballs, then copied them so that I would have a lot.

After each class, (we were departmentalized) I would award 1 baseball, sometimes 2 depending on how hard they worked, to the student that stayed on task, had homework, etc.. maybe it was just the one that tried the hardest that day.. BUT THEY MUST HAVE THEIR HOMEWORK TO BE ELIGIBLE to win the baseball. It worked so well that all I would have to say was.. hmmm.. class is rowdy... not sure if a baseball will be rewarded today. You would see fingers going to lips, heads going down on the desks. It was funny and this was 5th grade!

Now, once the baseball is awarded, it is the student's responsiblity to keep track of it. If I found one left behind, it was tossed into the trash. If they lost it, too...

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