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Spirit Days

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Here are some fun ideas for special days to celebrate school spirit
spirit day
Posted by:ddp #83753

We have a spirit day once a week on Fridays. We wear our school colors. We do a count of each classroom and figure out the percentage of participation. The class with the most participation at the end of the month gets to hang the banner outside of their room.

We have also had spirit weeks with a different theme each day. Some examples are crazy hat day, backwards day, silly shoes and socks, inside out day, favorite sports day, mix n match day, etc.

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Spirit Days
Posted by:C. Dean #83694

I do a spirit week as well. Last year we did:

Serious day (Business suit attire...Taking a serious approach to education and cancer)

Farmer Day (this was a lot of fun...everyone dressed in overalls, pig tails, painted freckles on their faces)!

Back in the day (70's theme)

Western Day (Cowboys and cowgirls)

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spirit week
Posted by:gina #43497

Our school is very into the School Spirit. We have a school t shirt and everyone wears that on a given day. It is usually on friday. We also had Wacky Sock Day, Slipper Day, 60's day, lots of the kids wore their parents outfits and Stuffed Animal Day.

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School Spirit Days
Posted by:DJ #43341

We have a spirit week at our school every year.
Some special days we have done are class color day, twin day ( or dress alike day ), hat day, backwards day, dress what you're not day, ( example is a basketball player might dress like a cheerleaader, etc.), pajama day, beach wear day, space creature day, and favorite cartoon character day.

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Spirit Days
Posted by:cbd #91123

In the last two years we have teamed up the spirit days with service projects for the community- On stuffed animal day, we bring dog/cat food for the local animal shelter. On our sock hop day, we brought in new socks for the local women's shelter. On wacky hair day, we brought in hair care products for a shelter. And for Career Day, we encourage students to bring in gently used books to donate to our county health dept. to give out to young children when they come in for their immunizations. We want to stress helping the community in our service to each other and have fun doing it.

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spirit days
Posted by:Terri #83558

I have used the following dress up days in the past and they have been great:
1. Different shoes
2. Class theme: On Monday each class decides what they will dress up and do it on Friday.
3. Celebrity look alike
4. Sports outfits
5. Dress up like a teacher in the building
6. School colors
7. Professional dress up/girls in dresses boys in nice slacks/ties
8. Wear your clothes backwards
9. Beach/Hawaii day
10. Hat day

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Silly activities to show school spirit
Posted by:grade3teacher #129248

Today was mixed up Monday- the kids wore outfits that were backwards or mixed up, tomorrow is hat day, Wednesday is Pajama day, Thursday is wear something to represent your favorite pro-sport team and Friday is school colors day. On Friday we will have an assembly that the high school foorball players and cheerleaders visit each school in a sort of pep rally.

It is fun in a way---I get to wear more relaxed type clothes, but most of the elem. kids have no idea what or why we are doing this. It can be a little distracting educationally.

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Some things we do
Posted by:kteach/nv #148000

At my school we have crazy hair, sock, hat, day. (Three different days.) We have worn buttons (hand made or student created0 with the purpose of having others read them. Poem in a Pocket day where everyone has a poem in their pocket and read it to people througout the day. Backwards day is when you get to wear your clothes backwards or inside out. Favorite character from a book. Twin day. These are fun days for everyone. We don't have all these every year. Our school council chooses two or three a year and we do them as a school.

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Posted by:ColoradoTeach #148001

crazy day- dress crazy and wear hair crazy
school spirit day- dress in school colors
twin day- dress like a friend
sports day- favorite sports teams outfits
story book character day- dress like your favorite story book character

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special days
Posted by:NewNana #148002

At the beginning of the year, we teach a color word a week to our kinders and one day each week we wear and/or bring something that is our focused color. Everyone in the school then knows what color we are working on. Last year, I noticed that older siblings wore the focused color on color day.

We sometimes have our own Wacky Wednesday that goes along with the book Wacky Wednesday.

I am thinking of trying Whisper Wednesdays this year. I would be interesting to see just how quiet we can be.

Of course, on Day 100 the children could dress up as if they were 100 years old.

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Western Day
Posted by:URMySunshine #148003

I've done Western Day often. We get several stick ponies and have relay races, sang western songs, read western stories like Grumpy Bunny Goes West, make a 'campfire' (sticks fashioned into a teepee of sorts, red, orange, & yellow tissue paper with a flashlight under it) and we 'cooked' hot dogs over the fire by placing them on skewers. (I had already cooked the hot dogs, of course!) The kids absolutely loved it! They were so serious about cooking their hot dogs. One year I even had them bring their sleeping bags and got rid of the tables for the day. We did everything on the floor. I sent notes home asking the kids to wear jeans and cowboy hats if they had them. It was a blast!

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pajama day
Posted by:PoohBear #148004

A fun activity to go along with pajama day is a sleepover in another room. Our librarian would let the kindergartners have nap in the library on pajama day. She read them stories and gave them cookies and cocoa before they laid down. The kids loved it!

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spirit day
Posted by:bseteacher #148005

We have wacky-tacky day (dressed with mismatched clothes), pajama day, hat day, book character day, wacky hair day, spirit day (favorite team shirts), backwards day (clothes on backwards), and silly sock day.

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Spirit Days
Posted by:1styrteacher #148006

PJ day is always a hit!

*I have also had a color day (we did blue last year) and then have to wear that color and everything we do has that color incorporated in it (everything is copied on blue, blue ice cream, blue balloons in the room, blue suckers to make our tongues blue! etc..)
*Game day-kids brought in a board game and we played the last 20 minuets of school (great teamwork activity)
*Hat day-kids bring in a hat (baseball, cowboy etc..)
*Backwards day-shirts are backwards as well as we did our schedule backwards too...beginning of the day stuff was done at the end of the day etc..

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