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Dismissal Procedure

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A hug, a high-five or a hand-shake? There are some creative ways to say good-bye to students at the end of the day. Look and see how teachers are bidding farewell to their students each night.
Posted by:alemankf #119978

I think that our system works pretty well. We don't have any walkers because we are on a main highway.

At 2:05 the principal announces that all bus riders should be dismissed. Bus riders are walked out by 2 teachers per grade level and immediately go to the bus. At 2:08 the principal announces that van riders are dismissed. These are walked out by 2 teachers per grade level and sit down while they wait on their van to arrive. Bus riders and Van riders dismiss from the circle in front of the school so the van riders have to wait until buses get loaded and out of the way.

At 2:10 the bell rings to dismiss car riders. The remaining teachers walk the car riders out to the side of the building where we have another circle and the parking lot. If parents are in the circle the MUST...

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Posted by:Kimberly #55910

If you don't want to read a book, you could play a game. I used to play a "Follow Me" game where I make motions with my hands and the kids copy me. After a few minutes I pick someone who is doing it well and it goes on from there. The kids love it...they are quiet, and attentive!

As far as the announcement goes, tell the kids what you are going to play or do during dismissal. Tell them you expect them to "sneak" to the door unheard by others. Show them how. Make a big deal. Only those who "sneak" get a sticker. Don't leave until you get your sticker. That way, you have control over the line. I'm sure the kids need to get to the cafeteria quickly, but that is your "power" over them. If they don't behave, they might have to stay late (30...

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Posted by:MsPropel #116074

Dismissal is by far the part of the day that I like the least. I have taught K, 1st, and 2nd. It isn't better at any level. The most important part, is to teach dismissal to your kids. What do you want it to look like? Do you pass out homework first? Then have the kids go to their mailboxes? Then get their bags? Whatever the procedure that you want, you need to teach it. This means you have to take the time to do it. This is the procedure that happens in my class:

I pass out homework and important papers. The kids put these in their BEE Books. The kids need to then sit quietly at their seats. Quiet tables are chosen to go to their mailboxes to get their returned work and then go to their cubby to get their book bags and jackets. Then...

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dismissal games
Posted by:Rebecca #43001

We too have three dismissal bells. I don't have any other duties after that so I can do games/activites with the kids. Here are the things I do...but maybe you could find something here that you could adapt to your class.

Hangman- I put things on the board that we have been studying(three states of matter, subject and predicate, etc.)

"Hello Mr. President"- One student comes to the front of the room and turns backwards. I choose someone to go to the back of the room and say (in ANY voice they can come up with)"Hello Mr. President". Then the person has to guess who said it. Right or wrong, the speaker takes the guesser's place and someone else is chosen.
They get really creative with their voices and this is their favorite!

Whisper- I...

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Staggered Dismissal
Posted by:MB #45572

Our class has a staggered dismissal, and I agree that this is the most challenging moment for classroom management.

I have my students stay silently in their seats until after announcements are done. Once the announcements are finished, students are to read or work on homework until they hear their bus number. Once the bus number is called, they still have to wait for me to tell them they are dismissed. Then they put up their chairs and leave.

Even with this established routine, it's still a rough time of the day. I think it's because in the kids' minds, they're DONE, and the routines fly out the window. Then again, think about the last 5 minutes of a staff meeting...

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Posted by:Tabitha/5th #45665

I have the same situation for dismissal. The buses are called way before the walkers and they can get out of hand as well. I usually ask trivia questions. I have the Harry Poter trivia game and Brain Quest game as well. I use these cards and ask the questions. The rules I use are: 1.) You have to be seated.
2.) Raise hand.
3.) Keep quiet in order to be called on.

If they do this then I will call on them. If they get the answer correct I let them grab a piece of candy from a jar I have. They love this and it keeps me sane until the walkers are called.

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Posted by:Tabitha/5th #43004

We have the time when buses are being called and then the walkers are called last. This is the time that I do trivia. I read off Brainbuster Trivia cards and the first person who is quiet and not jumping out of his/her seat gets called on. Every year all of my kids have loved doing Trivia. I usually give a piece of candy for a correct answer. Or I read aloud until the buses are called. I usually let my students left in the classroom talk quietly because they are my walkers. Sometimes I just have a quiet time for reflection of the day. I don't let anyone talk they just think about what we accomplished that day and then on the way out the door while I inital their planners they tell me one thing that they have learned for the day.

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Posted by:DHoward #113034

I sometimes allow the kids to play silent ball since we have already stacked the chairs for the day. The kids sit on top of their desks.

I often let the helper of the day read BrainQuest questions to the class, and pass out small treats/stickers for correct answers. I like the idea of reading poetry. I am going to try that.

What about plugging in a book on tape or reading aloud some of those 1 minute mysteries? Do your kids like Sudoko puzzles or word finds they could complete using a class set of highliters? Maybe the kids could play "I Spy" using your classroom word wall.

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Staggered dismissal
Posted by:tweet #113044

I have the car riders get ready to go home first, then they line up. I am usually reading aloud during this time. When their bell rings at 3:10, I stop reading and dismiss them. Then the bus riders get ready to go. When they are ready I usually start a line up game, calling out attributes they must have in order to line up--like wearing a red shirt and have a sister, etc. By the time everybody gets to line up it's usually bell time-3:20. We are fortunate not to have staggered bus time--everybody loads at once.

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Snow Dance
Posted by:Kentucky Teacher #36130

Whenever the students and I need a break, then we all do a "snow dance" before dismissal. The kids absolutely love it and here is how it goes: He He He, Ho Ho Ho, please God let it SNOW SNOW SNOW. We jump three times on our right foot for HE HE HE, then three times on our left foot for Ho Ho Ho, then we clasp our hands, as if in prayer, and bend at the knees for please God let it snow snow snow. My kids really get a kick out of it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Have a great rest of the school year.

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