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Word Study

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Word study is an important component to a well-balanced classroom. Here are activities and resources to use in your classroom for word study/ word work activities.
Word Study Activities
Posted by:Belia #49008

Make portable word walls or have the students make them for you. Use either the Dolch word lists for the appropriate grade level, theme words from a unit of study or grammar lists such as proper nouns.

You give the title. Say, Proper Nouns by writing it on an 8 X 5 index and have the students find words that belong to that category from their assigned source (book reading at present, Science book, Newspaper, etc.). Have them work in pairs, write the words on index cards and tape in a column below your heading. Limit the number to approximately 10 of their best words. With proper nouns insist on both genders being represented along with professional titles. Hang them from the ceiling for spelling aids and review. Any words hanging from the ceiling MUST always be spelled correctly when used in any writing activity....

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Our Guess the Covered Word
Posted by:KcK #113121

I do "Guess the Covered Word" and the kids LOVE it!! I use my overhead projector and project it onto my dry erase board and many of my GTCW activities come from the Four Blocks books. It is a bit tedious to cover them with little post its, but once you get the hang of it, it is super easy! I have the kids set a goal of how many words they think they should be able to get.

I put it up and we read the piece sentence by sentence. I have the kids give me three guesses and a scribe records them on the board next to the piece. We learn to look at the space provided and the context of the sentence before we make any guesses. Then I uncover the first part of the word. You really should cover to the first vowel as one group...

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Spelling Dictionaries & Word Study Notebooks
Posted by:Jane #40068

I use a marble covered notebook for Word Study. The first 13 pages we make an individual dictionary, a letter of the alphabet on the front and back (xyz on one page).

The middle of the notebook is for vocabulary words. Sometimes we work on Greek and Latin roots. Sometimes we have content vocabulary and sometimes we work with 5 new interesting verbs, nouns, etc. Essentially the middle of the notebook is to learn new words and their definitions with less of a stress on spelling.

The last 5 pages I use for individual spelling lists which the children study and work with each week. I only use a 10 word list so the students put 4 lists on a page.

As I look over weekly written work, I highlight misspelled words which the student enters into their personal dictionary. I also have a "Lexicon Line" hanging across...

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"Word Rings"
Posted by:Louanne #20920

I teach 5th grade. I created a "word ring" for each of my students. I typed out a list of all the basic words I really felt it was necessary for 5th graders to always spell correctly when writing, words like get, work, very, about, and so on. I got my word ideas from lots and lots of lists that I had collected. There are actually a total of 475 words on the word ring, but they are all very basic words that upper elementary students should always use correctly. The "word rings" are an alphabetical list of these words, and they are typed on 2 inches by 8 1/2 inch strips. There are 15 separate strips, each on a different color, which I laminated. I punched one hole in the upper left-hand corner, then attached a book ring to hold the 15 strips together. Students keep these word rings handy in...

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word work
Posted by:Lynn H. #78044

I highly recommend "Month by Month Phonics for (whatever) Grade." It's published by Carson Dellosa and has many different activities. Every week, I did Guess the Covered Word, Making Words, and then one or two other activities. It takes a little while for the kids to get the routine down, but once they know it you can go pretty quickly. I was able to do my Word Work block in 30-35 minutes. My advice is don't try to start it all at once. Start by doing the Word Wall (chant, clap, snap, stomp) and writing the words, then add one activity a week until you're comfortable. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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word study
Posted by:Ilvtching #116916

We do a lot of word study activities. I am teaching first grade and we work on phonics. We don't have spelling tests per say. We have word wall words and they must be spelled correctly in their daily writings. We also incorporate our words from Rebecca Sitton. We have our phonics set up for the entire year. We have phonics lessons for each day (from the book Sequencial Phonics that they use), our word wall words go with those. We also have something called my books that we put in categories with our phonics. We focus on word families in our guided reading groups also.

We "test" the kids by having them read the words to us. We have the new word wall words for the week and then two weeks worth of reveiw words on the test as well. I really like this system...

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word study
Posted by:love2read #126656

One of the things the kids like best is speed sorting. I get out my stopwatch and they sort their words as fast as they can. We do it once to practice, again to see how fast they can go and finally a last super-speed round. I always emphasize that no one is competing with anyone else. They are trying to improve on their own performance.

They also love to do word study art. I have them write their words and then draw a picture around them so they are "hidden". Then they switch with someone else in their group and find the words. Sometimes they make shapes (flowers, stars, circles) and write their words along the edges of the shape (like a shape poem). These are good for early in the week when they are getting used to the words.

Be sure you...

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Word Study
Posted by:scrapnteache #141022

Word Study is huge in our area, my Master's Program had a course on it. I've used it for awhile now.

Sorting is a huge piece, children need to be able to compare and contrast spelling features and explain why they are sorting the way they do (I put 'skate' in the a_e column because the e at the end makes the a say "a")- make sense?

Time- it only takes a long time on the day you introduce the sort to the groups (it really does work better for the kids to have groups). Typical week for me is on Mondays everyone cuts and sorts their words, they meet with me and then complete a writing sort. (2nd grade, younger may want to just sort on Monday). Tuesday through Thursday I pick on activity that all students complete after sorting...

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Word Study with older students
Posted by:Debbie #68515

Fountas & Pinnell's book, Guiding Readers and Writers, has a section on this. You might also adapt procedures from their book, Word Matters. On the words and lessons, I used 'Words Their Way' and grouped according to their spelling stage of development. They had high frequency words to work on (I tested all the 500 within the first few weeks of school and highlighted what each child had on blank forms), plus those from their writing; also, word study lessons from WTW. Each child had his/her own small 40 page notebook with the weekly words inside. The last 26 pages were devoted to an A-Z list of all the words they'd mastered; a 'Personal Dictionary', if you will. In addition to the weekly routines, they each had a study buddy who was working at a similar level and gave pre and post tests to one another.

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Sight Word Ideas
Posted by:Amanda Gouin #10227

I found some things that work great to teach sight words this year. I am a first year kindergarten teacher. One idea I have is a sight word bingo game I made to use at the end of the year. My kids love anything in Bingo form. Also, I made a fishing screen for my kids to fish behind. Behind the screen I have a bunch of diecut fish with our sight words written on them. They fish with a partner. Ojne catches the fish and says the word. The other one spells the word. They check each other and it works great! I also chant and cheer the words during our morning calendar routine. We search for them in poems, books, and our daily news.

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Word Study
Posted by:Erica #66315

I am a fifth grade teacher. I spent the last 2 months thinking about and refining a Wrod Study program that works for me (management wise) and meets the needs of my students. Every Monday, I give my students a Pre-test on 5 High Frequency words (though I teach fifth, most of my students are still at a fourth grade spelling level, so most of my students get 4th grade words, while a small percentage of them get 5th grade words). After they have this pre=test, the students search through their writing (in their Writing Journal, Reading Journal, etc)to find words that I have circled because they are misspelled. They add these words to their Personal Spelling Words list (PSW's). They choose 5 of these words to add to their Spelling words for the week. Some of the activities I do during the week are dividing the words into...

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Word Study
Posted by:Mrs. C #115771

Our school has been implementing Fountas & Pinnell's Word Study for our spelling program. It has been great! The basic low down: Students keep a list of words they need to know in a notebook/folder (words misspelled frequently in their writing). Then, a mini-lesson is taught on Day 1 (it's a 5 day cycle) involving a language principle, for example /ch/ sounds of /k/, /ch/, /sh/. Students do an activity to help apply and gain an understanding of the principle (such as a word sort), then choose four words from the word sort (or other source depending on their level), and four words from their Words to learn list. There are different activities to do each day to help students gain the skills needed to retain these words. Students actually give the test to their Study Buddy on Day 5. It sounds scary, but if you model and teach them specifically how to do each step,...

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Word Study Notebook
Posted by:Crystal #76989

I have my class make 2 or 3 columns in their notebook. At the top of the page they write the skill we are sytudying. (Example Short a / Long a)Then after we have practice sorting the words I have them write the words into the correct place in their notebook. (I teach 3rd grade) This is used with Words Their Way. i love this book!! The kids also love to do the word sorts. ( I print the words out in chart form and the kids cut them out to sort.)

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