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Spelling Contracts

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In this collection of ideas you will find examples of student spelling contracts and how teachers implement spelling contracts.
re: Spelling Contracts
Posted by:Donna #78627

A Spelling Contract is a list of different ways that students may study their words. They get to pick and choose how they wish to study. (i.e. write a poem with your words, make a crossword, write in large marker, write 3 times each, practice out loud with a parent). This is one way you can differentiate and reach different learning styles.

You can require they pick a certain number of items or you can assign points to the tasks. I developed a contract that has points assigned to different tasks. Students know ahead of time (it's on the Contract) how many points they need to get an A, a B, a C, etc.

I've used these successfully for 5 years now. Parents and students alike enjoy the variety and choice. Also, for me, it is easy to grade. A cursory glance will tell you if...

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Spelling Contracts
Posted by:Andrea #41623

I use what I call Spelling Contracts. I make up the contracts on a weekly bases. I hand the contracts out on Monday, and they are due on Friday. I also incorporate math and language arts in the contracts. I have some worksheets that I use every week, but I also add new sheets depending on the concept we are covering for the week. My students really enjoy the contracts, and because I assign them as homework, the parents like them too.

I write out on the front page exactly what need to be done by Friday; then I use that page to calculate the student's grade. Another thing I do that helps me is to color code all my subjects. This way I can find the papers I need faster. My spelling is yellow. As the students get familiar with the contract, they can most of the...

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spelling contracts
Posted by:Corey #18547

I use spelling contracts in my 5th grade. I do not use them every week because the students become bored with them. My spelling contracts are made up of all kinds of activities that they can do with their spelling words, ie: alphabetical order, use words in a sentence, find synonyms or antonyms for words, etc. Each activity is worth points. The students must contract with me at the beginning of the week about how many points they will be trying to obtain. Then all week students work on activities for spelling contract.
They can turn them in at the end of the week all stapled together. I quickly look at activities and count their points, and grade them appropriately.

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spelling contract
Posted by:Jen #36790

I love spelling contracts. I still use the lists from the spelling book, but I also make up lists from books we are reading. The contract works for both. There are 8 activities, and the students must choose 4. The parent must sign it and it is returned on Friday. I give extra credit points on the spelling test for turning them in.

1. Write each word 3 times each.
2. Draw a picture of each spelling word.
3. Use each word in a sentence.
4. Write the words in ABC order.
5. Write a rhyming word for each spelling word.
6. Practice words orally with an adult.
7. Use 1/2 of the words in a paragraph/story.
8. Write each word in your best cursive handwriting.

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Spelling Contract
Posted by:April Atkins #86996

I use spelling contracts. At the beginning of each nine weeks the students take a test everyday that week on the entire nine weeks words. Anywords they miss automatically becomes their spelling words. This way their list is personalized with only the words they need to work on. I type out each child a list and they staple it to their spelling note book. I add words throughout the nine weeks when I see words misspelled from their writing. Also, if they miss words on their test on Fridays those words automatically have to be their spelling words again.

So, for an basic overview...The kids have their personalized spelling list in their notebook. Each Monday they circle 15 words they would like to study and write them on their contract. I choose one or two "Must Do" activities for them to do and they choose 3 "Free Choices" to complete. They do the activities during the week and turn them in before the test on Friday. THe next Monday I give out the graded test. They...

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Spelling Contract
Posted by:Drippy #53147

Here's an example of what I use. The tasks do not change, but the words change every Monday. Students choose the tasks they wish to complete. Maybe some of what I use will give you ideas. This contract is due every Friday, and for the most part, my students turn them in.
Weekly Spelling Contract

Use your spelling words to complete your weekly spelling contract. Complete any combination of activities with your spelling words. Write the value and number of each activity on your paper. Want to know your grade? Look at the point's list at the bottom of the page. Please write neatly and always turn in your best work. COMPLETED CONTRACTS ARE DUE ON FRIDAYS.

5 Point Activities
1. Write the words and circle all the vowels.
2. Write the words and circle all the consonants.
3. Write the...

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spelling contracts
Posted by:courtney #65042

Along with my usual spelling contract choices, I offer students a 'bonus' activity each week. Usually, the activity integrates other subject areas such as describing an important figure from Social Studies using spelling words or writing math problems to spell out words in numeric code. To integrate technology, I have also offered students the option of creating a powerpoint demonstration requiring each slide to include a spelling word, meaningful sentence, and related clip art or animation.

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Students Choosing Spelling Words
Posted by:Apache42 #142853

I think Nancy Atwell is the guru you're thinking about. The way I understand and use her concept works pretty well.

In a writer's workshop format, I spend a lot of time each week conferencing with students. As students prepare for their scheduled conference, they analyze their writing and list 5-10 words they are having trouble spelling or words they want to learn. (For example, they ALL want to use the word awesome, but rarely remember to include the first "e".) A peer who has conferenced with them, and who has caught some of their spelling errors also adds words to the list. We discuss the list, and I may add some of my own to it as well.

As far as studying for their weekly test, I generally have them do the regular assignments: write the words 3 times each, use the word in a sentence. (I dictate what...

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Posted by:fourselfs #2326

I have posted this before but I can't remember where. We use a point system. There are 10 activities and they can pick which ones they want to do. You could use the same activities you use with the TTT. We change a few each week so the students don't get bored.

Download: Fun ways to practice spelling.doc (20.992 KB)

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Posted by:teachdawg #2324

Here's one I am thinking about using for my 4th grade this year. I'm still considering making a few changes to it. Hope this helps.

Download: Contract-The Down and Up Fall.doc (34.304 KB)

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spelling contract
Posted by:kirstenjean6 #2325

Here's the spelling contract that I use...I give the kids ten choices of activities and they pick four to accomplish by Friday. I will also attach a list of all of the choices that I rotate throughout the year.

Kirsten Van Dyke

Download: superspellerfirstquarter.doc (80.384 KB)

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spelling contract - all choices
Posted by:kirstenjean6 #2327

Posted by:Mindy #24318

You might try a spelling contract. That way students have some choice and flexibility in what assignments they complete each week. I use a point system, with certain assignments earning the student 5, 10, or 15 points. Then I give a minimum point total for acceptance. This minimum is usually 45 pts. This is a C. Then I set 50-55 pts. as a B and 60 pts. and above as an A. I have had great success with this!

Some of the activities I have used:
Write each word 5 times each. (5)
Write each word neatly in both cursive & manuscript. (5)
Write each word in three different colors. (5)
Solve someone's word search or crossword. (5)

Write the words in alphabetical order. (10)
Divide each word into syllables. (10)
Make a word scramble and have someone solve & sign the paper. (10)
Write the words in number code. (10) (Assign pts. to each...

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My Spelling Contract
Posted by:M&M Mom #142881

kids have two choices each night:

Choose one activity to complete each night. Late or incomplete homework will be completed during specials and/or recess.

-Write each of your words 3 times (one under the other - not all on the same line).

-Write each of your words once and underline all the vowels, then write the words again and underline all the consonants.

-Write two interrogative sentences (questions), three imperative sentences (commands), three exclamatory sentences, and two declarative sentences (statements). Each sentence must be at least 10 words long. Use and underline at least one spelling word in each sentence. Label the sentences with IN (interrogative), IM (imperative), EX (exclamatory), or DE (declarative).

-Write a story that has 10 or more sentences. Use and underline at least 10 of your spelling words. The story must have a beginning,...

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