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Kids love to play games. What a great theme to do in your classroom .
Game Theme
Posted by:Krissy #45923

Board Game Theme

*Welcome Banner: Use a computer program like Print Shop to make a banner for your wall that says "Get in the game of learning in ___ grade!" and put game related graphics all around the message.

*Welcome Board: Make paper dice and put one students name on each circle of the dice. Put the dice all around the board with the message "Rolling into a new school year!" or "Look who's rolling into Ms. ____'s room!"

*First Day Project: Give each student a puzzle piece to decorate (cut apart a piece of posterboard). Put back together, laminate, and put up the message "We all fit in!" for a year round room decoration.

*Ceiling Decorations: Use posterboard and make large two sided game pieces...dominoes, checkers, chess pieces, sorry game pieces, silver monopoly pieces, or even giant 3-dimensional dice. You could hang...

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Board Game Theme
Posted by:jdonick #142792

I just started a list of board games:

One of these could be for your behavior system if you were going to use one.... maybe battleship (ceratin number of hits on the ship) or the game of Life?

Aggravation - quiet space, if a student is feeling frustrated?

Risk - an area for "challenge" activities/anchor activities for when students are finished?

Guess Who - if you do mystery readers? this one would be good!

Mastermind - if you have a bulletin board with honoring great samples of school work?

Trivial Pursuit - Question of the Day?

Pictionary - an area of class pictures? of the students or ones they made?

Candy Land -?
Spy Alley - ?
Backgammon - ?
Battleship - ?
The Game of Life - ?

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Posted by:AngieB. #142791

Maybe you could somehow use the game "Sorry!" for behavior. From what I remember of the game you don't want to land on/draw the card that says "Sorry", so that could be the final step in the discipline plan. The jobs/helpers could be like a wheel on "Wheel of Fortune". The "wheel" could have the names of the jobs, or the names of students, and the title for the board could be made to look like the letters that Vanna turns. (green background, white rectangle squares w/black capital letters)

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Game Theme
Posted by:Tracy #45751

Last year I found this bb idea on the internet. I put it on the bulletin board outside my classroom. It read...A new "twist" to a new year! Then I hung up a Twister board along with little feet and hands that had each students name on them. The kids loved it. Also, I saw the homeworkopoly board idea on the internet too. I changed the idea a little. I made a 'classopoly' board. I used this as a class reward board. Instead of filling a jar to have a class reward, my class had to make it around the classopoly game board to have a class party.

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Board Games
Posted by:2teach4ver #142789

I've never done this, but I loved using homeworkopoly in my classroom last year. It could also be used for a behavior incentive chart. "Welcome to -- grade where we "Connect 4 Learning", or Our --Grade Game of Life"

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Monopoly Theme
Posted by:BuzyBee #59034

Check out the fabric section at Wal-Mart, too. They had Monopoly fabric when I was there that would be a great bulletin board background, giant cushy pillow for a reading corner, or reupholster the seat of an old chair.

Behavior Board: "KEEP A WINNING ATTITUDE" or "WIN THE GAME WITH GOOD CHOICES!" Give each student a set of cards with five green houses on them, 4 houses, 3 houses, etc. for each infraction they lose one "property" Or you could copy and size up five actual properties from the board and store each student's cards in a pocket chart.

Class Reward: Photocopy monopoly money for students.

Reading Corner: Take a Ride on the Reading Railroad!

Decorations: Paint some flower pots and use decoupage glue to attach Monopoly property cards (Scan and print out so you don't have to use the real ones)

Put a...

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Board Game Theme
Posted by:Becca #79700

How about of using the game 'Guess Who?' Kids love this game, and you could change it for any subject! Except, it could be guess the number, math equation, or weather element. Anything could be applied to this!

Some other games you could consider using are hangman or scrabble.

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Posted by:WebJunkie #142795

I changed my door to say "Attitude: Its How You Play The Game" and hung playing cards on the door. I'm going to get all the kids to sign it the first day!

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Posted by:txmispriss #142793

I did a very basic game theme this year with my kids. I did have he twister board that i used for my behavior chart. Each student had a colored circle and when they got their clip moved then i would move it accordingly on our campus behavior system chart. I also had my math board set up with the Math Is More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkeys and had monkey boarder and little monkeys from the game around it. I used the homeworkopoly as one of my games as well. Scrabble for the word wall is a great one as well. Clue was used in my science area with a mystery dog bulletin board set. My 5th graders had fun the first day of school trying to identify the different games.

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Posted by:L8 4 School #142790

We're using this in our great room with the caption "Knowledge is the name of the game." I can't wait to see what people post!

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Board Game Theme
Posted by:Shona #142794

I did a board game theme last year in my classroom. Here are a few things that I did:

1. name plates on desks- scrabble holders and tiles (I spelled their name out with scrabble tiles and printed a tile tray holder. Then I was able to have them practice different math skills by telling them to get on line by whose name added up to different amounts)

2. Guess Who- My introduction for the year was Guess Who is in Ms. Holmes' Class. I made a large guess who board out of poster board, I then took the kids pictures on the first day and placed it up there as well.

3. Game of Life- My student teacher made a job chart that had to do with the Game of Life. She just used regular poster board with pockets that had the job names on it. However, all the kids...

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Board Game Theme Ideas
Posted by:Angela #81044

I have used Monopoly as the organizational tool for my writer's workshop. I call it Writopoly. The prompts are written on cards similar to the real estate cards. For places on the board, I use names of local places. The board is created on green paper. Each student is given a token to move around the board so that I can monitor their progress. I hope that this helps you.

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Boggle Bulletin Board
Posted by:Crystal #44545

Boggle bulletin board is similar to the game boggle. You take 20 pieces of white paper, about 10 in. by 5 in. (the size of paper depends on how much space you have).

On each piece of paper you write a letter from the alphabet. You arrange the 20 white squares in the shape of a large square.

Students take a piece of paper and try to create words out of the bulletin board. You can set a timer or not. I usually let the students decide. You can make up your own rules as to what order the letters have to be arranged.

I usually say that the letters have to be touching to create the word. But as the students play more, I pretty much let them create their own rules.

This can be played in groups or partners. Each group, individual, or partner set tries to...

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A.R. opoly
Posted by:Brooke #57098

I had a brainstorm the other day and thought of a neat idea for motivating students to read AR books and take tests. I was thinking of making a gameboard similar to the homeworkoply gameboard and call it ARopoly instead. The students would get to roll the dice each time they read and took a test on an AR book. I think this would really motivate the students to read. I actually made my board for the game the other day and it looks pretty good. Go to the website listed above and look at the Homeworkopoly game for an idea what it looks like. I haven't actually filled in each of the spaces on the board yet, but I was planning to make a "GO" space and let the students collect 5 dolphin dollars when they pass go,in the next corner it will say "Catch a ride on the school bus"...

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Game of Life
Posted by:Diane #58104

How about "Read for Life" "Check into Reading" for checkers. "Reading Helps Set the Trap" or some other catchy phase for Mouse Trap. Instead of PS2 (Play Station) you could have a "Reading Station" I know this isnt a board game but they do love to play this. Don't be Sorry---Read! for the game of Sorry. If you went to yard sales you might be able to get lots of old games to display around the room.
I think this idea is very clever, and it is very approperate for 5 and 6th grades. Good luck

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