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Here is a great collection of fun noun activites that your students will love!
Noun Game
Posted by:Azure #58954

I play the Noun Game in my classroom, and my students absolutely love it! Let's see if I can explain this in a reasonable manner.

MATERIALS: Letter blocks, deck of cards with students' names on them or something to call on them throughout the game in a quick fashion

OBJECT: To be the last person standing in the game.

1. Have students stand behind their chairs.
2. Draw a letter block (I have a bucket full of them.)
3. State your rule, for example, "You must give me a proper noun that starts with the letter "n" as in Niagra Falls. (You can change what you'd like them to respond with, common nouns, names, etc.)
4. Start calling students one by one to give you a word.
5. At the end of the round (after you've called everyone's name) pick a new...

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noun idea
Posted by:ddb #21567

Here's an idea my wonderful student teacher did yesterday! The kids loved it, and at the time I thought what a good lesson for an evaluation! She first introduced nouns (or really just reviewed them because this is 4th grade and the kids knew what a noun was). She then asked the students to brainstorm some nouns while she write them under Person, Place, or Thing on the board. Then, the students were in groups of 4 or 5 and their job was to make a list of Halloween nouns using the 3 categories. They came up with huge and creative lists! The students then used 3 different colors of markers to decorate one Halloween shape with the nouns in the correct category. She had a pumpkin shape, a bat, a ghost, and a witch for them to choose, write on, and then color. This made a good-looking Halloween bulletin board that said,...

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Noun Activities
Posted by:Lilacs #128463

I use a fall bulletin board with leaves for the kids to sort into bags. Each bag has a part of speech labeled on it. I use verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives/adverbs, etc. You could do Person, place, thing.

I teach the kids a song

A noun is a person, place, or thing.
A noun is a person, place, or thing.
A noun is a person, A noun is a place,
A noun is a person, place, or thing.

Nouns are Names (Polly Wolly Doodle)
Oh, lets look around for some nameing words for persons and places and things. Oh, a noun is a name; yes a noun is a name for a person or a place or a thing. Its a noun, it's a noun, its the name of anything. Any persons, any places, anything from hats to laces, it...

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Noun Activity
Posted by:tkoteach #142336

I put my first graders into three groups and gave each group a piece of butcher paper with person, place and thing written on each paper. One group wrote five nouns that named people, one group wrote nouns that named places and the other wrote nouns that named things. We did this after talking about nouns. I then posted the paper around the classroom to remind them of what nouns were.

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Posted by:Paula #69986

One of the things we did was to use each letter of the alphabet and brainstorm a list of nouns that begin with that letter. Next we brainstormed a list of describing words and finally a beginning. I put limits on what type of beginning and describing words they could use otherwise I would get "The (color-describing word)(noun). We did 4-5 letters a day so once we used a color decribing word we couldn't use it again and once we used "the" as a beginning we couldn't use it again.
So, as a class we would brainstorm the beginning, describing word and the noun and each student had to finish the sentence.

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Nouns writing activity
Posted by:NH #128413

I have done a writing activity. I'll try to explain it. I have worksheets for each day I created. I did the typical activities to give the kids some background for what nouns are/do. Then we brainstormed places we could take a walk, i.e. bank, store, library, Fallen River Park,etc. We used specific names of places so we could understand Proper Nouns too. Then the kids were given a paper that I made with the title "Places I Went for a Walk". The kids had to choose five nouns that were places to go for a walk and fill in the five boxes on the paper. I left room to decorate the page. The next day, we brainstormed things we could get at places we walked, i.e. bank-money, coins, park-leaves, rocks, fish (our park people fish in the river). They then filled out...

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Posted by:Mandy #98178

This is a project I do with my fourth graders so I am not sure if it is too elementary.

We discuss autobiography and biography and the difference between the two genres. Next, I explain to students we will be writing our "autobiographies" of our nounsters. Nounsters are monsters that students create. We discuss interesting leads to the story so it is not just, "Hi, my name is..." My students did this last year and I got some wonderful stories from them!

After they finish drafting, revising and editing they get to create their nounsters. I pull out all my construction paper, glitter glue, fabric scraps and let them go to town creating the nounster they have written about- it just has to be what they described!

I put the writings and the nounsters up in the hall under the title "Nounsters, Inc."...

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Noun Town
Posted by:cgonzalez06 #142335

I also used the School House Rock song to teach my kids about nouns. Afterwards, I had my students create a picture of a person, place and thing. We glued their pictures on to a large sheet of butcher paper and labeled it Noun Town. I refer to it when we go over our vocabulary. If it can be included in Noun Town, it's a noun.

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Posted by:Lori #68488

I always like to start with this book, it is really cute!
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What Is a Noun?
by Brian P. Cleary

Then I divide the children into groups. each group has a piece of chart paper with 3 columns. One is labeled people, places, things. You could do fruit, animals, vacation spots, etc. Teh team get ten minutes to record all their nouns. Then we go over the lists and they cross out the matches. For each one they had that no other team had they get a point.

We also play the alphabet game in a circle. Who can tell am a food that begins with a, an animal with a B. Etc

One other neat thing is noun charades. The children pick the noun they will act out without words infront of the class. (This is...

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Grammar Games
Posted by:LLk #51581

I know your pain!!! I also teach 6th, although have spent most of my life in fifth. One thing I have done this year with my 6th graders is to do more games. This is an easy idea that can be readily adaptable to many skills.

1. Make cards on the computer using 3 x 5 index cards. Use the Word program--go under file,page setup, then paper size. Here you will find the arrow that will get you to index cards. You can set up the printer to accept these so that you can print off any number of one card. That way you can make enough for multiple groups to use the same game, each with their own set of cards.
2. On each card, print off a sentence with whatever part of speech in it that you want to review. Your sentences can be quite long to include all or most of...

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Posted by:GoTeachers #126294

Game: You can make a Memory game with index cards or something like that. Write or type two pairs of nouns (can be both common and proper) on the cards (like two cards with the word GIRL, then two cards with the word DESK etc.). You can do as many pairs as you want. Then they can take turns flipping cards if they find a pair they keep it, just like the Memory games.

Game: Make a sheet with 4 squares and write or type in the first one a 3, the second one a 4, the third one a 5 and the last one a 6. They sit around the table and take turns rolling a die. If they roll a 3 they get to write a noun with THREE letters in their 3 box, if they roll a 4 they can write a noun with FOUR letters in the 4 box etc. If they roll a 1 or 2 they get a...

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Christmas Nouns
Posted by:jennyfa #142337

The reading specialist in my school came in and did a lesson. She read Clifford's Christmas and then made a list of nouns, 3 columns, person, place and thing. The students were hesitant at first, but then got really into it.

As a follow up, we're making a snowman and they are writing a person on the hat (their name), a place on the middle ball, and a thing on the bottom. It looks like it'll be really cute.

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