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Filing System

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Not sure how to file all of those papers and lesson plans. Here are some creative ways to get them organized in your filing cabinet.
filing system
Posted by:sj #65923

BUSINESS--forms, test scores, workshop notes (in order by date, with name and place of workshop on the tab. I finally decided I could find workshop stuff easier this way than by topic because I could remember where I first saw/heard it)
UNITS--science and social studies topics (First, make a list of topics that are covered in almost every elementary grade. Make headings and sub-headings. Then number your headings. These will be the numbers of those topics from now on. You can add sub-headings as needed, always numbered with the heading number. After 20 years, I have my topic numbers memorized! Alphabetical didn't work for me because I could never remember what word I'd called it, so I went to subjects because I can then know "about" where to look. For example, if I want something on rocks, I look in...

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Posted by:mab #95853

I have a 4 drawer filing cabinet at school and in that I file according to how much I need the files. For example: In the top drawer comes math and reading probe scores,spelling, then all my math files, then Language, religion, science, social studies, handwriting, then posters, misc.These files have all the extra worksheets, activities that come with the text.
In the second drawer is all the reading and phonics. Third and fourth drawers are paper drawers, like handwriting paper, spelling paper, etc.
At home I keep theme files in a 4 drawer cabinet. These would be like different countries, special days, like Columbus Day, President's Day,etc., then I have files for different books and stories (activities) then science units,like weather, anomal habitats, plants, etc.,and social studies units. In the second drawer are...

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filing system
Posted by:tweet #116585

I'm a color-code freak. i color code EVERYTHING! I have 2 file cabinets. One is divided by subject in each drawer-math, reading, lang. arts, social studies/science in one drawer, art and seasonal in one. Within each drawer, I have color coded file pockets for every skill. For example, in math I have one for place value, one for even/odd, greater/less than, add. facts, sub. facts, telling time, etc. Same for lang. arts and so on. In the reading drawer I also have a file for each read-aloud book I use. I like the file pockets, because I can drop anything in there without fear of it falling out and getting lost. The other file cabinet houses my folder games and activities for each subject. Those drawers are coded exactly like the other file cabinet, divided by skill--all the place value games, even/odd...

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Filing system
Posted by:Debbie #29177

Hi all,
My four drawer file cabinet at school is organized by subject then more specifically by topic...Content areas on top, Language Arts second drawer, Math next then all the professional stuff on the bottom-kid folders, etc. In the Language Arts drawer, I have folders for assessment/evaluation, shared and guided reading, literature conversations, authors, strategy lessons; in writing-process and more specific lessons; handwriting, and spelling stuff. In math, everything is organized by standard, process and product...(see NCTM principles book if you don't have it yet, it's a terrific resource!)
Hope this helps. If you don't have access to a file cabinet, all of my class stuff is filed by subject in plastic organizers-the kind you can add either letter or legal hanging folders. This way, when you do get your own classroom, you can use the organizers (the ones with lids work...

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my filing cabinet
Posted by:Newbie #95851

I have a drawer for each subject that I teach and then a drawer for administrative/paperwork stuff. For the subject drawers, I have a folder on each unit that I taught over the year. Inside each folder are all the materials I would need: lesson plans, schedule of lessons, master copies, tests, etc. The admin. drawer has a folder for referrals, progress reports, faculty meeting agendas, etc. Everything is in alpha. order.

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Here are a few
Posted by:Mrs. G #111154

1. I label file folders for each day of the week. When papers are copied I place them in the folder for the day of the week I will be using them. I place them in a paper tray on my desk.

2. As soon as I grade and record papers I place them in a file folder to be handed back at a later time. This way I can get a lot of papers off of my desk that aren't necessary. ( I place this file folder in a paper tray some where else in the room off of my desk)

3. Notes and forms- this is an area that I am still working on. I try to take care of any notes from the administration as quickly as possible so I can throw them out. All test results that we have are on a county database and in the students cum...

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My filing system
Posted by:Barb #85047

One way I keep track of copies is in a rolling file cart with files for each month of the school year. This has been great b/c I can just pull out Sept.(for example) and have all of my back to school stuff, saints for the month(Catholic school!), letters for parents, etc etc all in one place. I also use labeled files for all the other misc. topics--book reports, time tests, etc. I love hearing everyone else's ideas--I am always striving to be more organized!

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Posted by:Bertie #116543

My filing system isn't perfect, but I can find what I need quickly. Unfortunately, like you, I sometimes pile stuff, so I try to devote one lunch or planning break per week to catching up my filing.

Instead of one file per core subject, since you have so many articles and print offs saved, you might prefer several files per subject. For example, not just a file for "math" but a file labelled math; addition, math; subtraction, math;geometry, math;fractions, math;telling see what I mean? Because they all have "math" listed first, they'll be together in the drawer but now you'll have a file for each item you've saved.

Since we use a basal reader, so I have a color coded file for each story in the series, so I know where to put...

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Posted by:csteach #111846

I have two organization systems. One is for the daily stuff and the materials I use a lot. These are held in a filing cabinet and organized by: subject. Each theme within the subject is organized by overheads, lessons, graphic organizers, student samples. So in my writing drawer under narratives you would find: one folder for overheads, one folder for student samples, one folder for teaching tools (graphic organizers). I do this for reading, writing, and math.

The 2nd system is for topics I only use once during the year, usually social studies and science themes. These items are organized the same as the above, but they are placed in a tall plastic bin which holds files. For social studies I have 3 bins, but it is so easy to grab student samples or overheads as needed.

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2-drawer file cabinet?
Posted by:jensw #115394

How about a 2-drawer file cabinet? Put student files in one drawer and all your supplies in another drawer. You can get the plastic pencil boxes (like the 50cent ones at Walmart) to organize things. One for pens, one for notepads, one for stickers, etc. That's basically how I organize my desk anyway (has one file folder drawer and two regular drawers, where I keep my plastic pencil boxes).

I have such a tiny room that I'd love to get rid of my desk, too, but I also don't have any storage. So I really *need* that space.

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Posted by:mandyg #123866

I actually use the old fashioned file cabinet. Here is a wordy explanation of how I organize it!!!

I devoted one drawer to each subject I teach. Please note there are no drawers for science and math because I don't teach those subjects. I took all of these files home and stored them away.

Top Drawer- Reading

Mini Lessons- folder for each skill taught (Ex. cause and effect, poetry, etc)
Guided Reading books- I have a folder for each book with the tab labeled with the level and any skill I like to teach with it (sequencing, setting, foreshadowing, etc.)
Novels- one file for each book title I have taught- I grouped these together and alphabetized the story titles to help locate the info
Readers Theaters- grouped into fractured fairy tales and others
Parent Tips and Information
*I *think* this is it. I am working from my memory so I may be...

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Posted by:KT #96667

I'm a high school teacher -- not sure if my suggestions will work for you, but here is what works for me:

I have a small file cabinet next to my desk for things that I need or use often. Some of the files I have:

-Memos (from the principal, district, other teachers, etc)
-Behavior (I keep a behavior log and copies of referrals)
-Extra Forms (blank letterhead, blank field trip forms, etc.)
-Grades (I keep copies of interim grades, nine-wks grades)
-Parent Contact (log of parent contact, email addresses of parents, notes from parents)
-Professional Development(print-outs of inservice hours, copies of workshop certificates, copy of prof. growth plan)
-Curriculum Resources (things I get from other teachers or workshops to help with teaching)
-Student Info (student contact info, standardized test...

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binders vs files
Posted by:Cathy-Dee #15519

Something else I learned, not all photocopiers like hole-punched paper. Plus I find it irritating to put paper back into binders. I bought hanging files for my filing cabinet and if I would just get myself organized and file more often things would look much better. I actually find it easier to grab a hanging file folder and take it home, than a binder. Plus with files you can do so much more. One for addition, one for subtraction, one for shapes, etc., and they do not take up much room in a classroom.

I was also the pack-rat. You should see how many doubles and triples I have of some materials. I went through one year and had a ton of paper that was wasted. So now I make sure that I try to use up any extras I've made over the years.

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