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Homework or No Homework

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First, check your districts policy about homework. Then, check out what other teachers suggest. Tips include how much homework to give and when to give it.
Posted by:Tricia #62308

I teach middle school and have found that the students are pretty clever about homework! For instance, if they figure the teacher won't do more than glance at the homework then they put gibberish or answers that are incorrect because they know the teacher glances for completeness. I asked how they figured that out and they have all pretty much told me they knew this since they were little. So, what I am trying to say is that if a teacher gives the homework then the teacher should go over it all in class the next day with the students because homework that is done just to be done is meaningless and reinforces nothing. Giving homework just to give homework really has no value. Also, I went with my brother to get a CT scan recently and was just amazed at a family that was waiting for...

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Posted by:phyllis #12924

I give daily homework because the middle school teachers told me that the biggest problem they have with my students (when they move up to the next level) is not doing homeword. Here's what I do (and now the next level is reporting success)!
I take those paper pcket folders you can buy for each subject....and make a tag "HOMEWORK" and glue it on the front...and laminate them. You need an exacto knife to slit the pockets. I use the same color for each they know to get their green homework folder. I give simple homework each night. Easier for lower grade levels harder for higher grade levels. It's usually some type of reading or math homework that they should be able to do without much or any help from mom and dad. I have a reward...

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Posted by:Kimberley #114030

Do you use a notebook to keep it in?

We get planners from our PTO for the children to use to write down their assignments. They also get a "Take Home" folder from the PTO. One side is for worksheets/ etc that needs to be returned to school. The other side is for notes and completed papers to stay at home.

Do the kids write their homework down daily?

The kids write down their homework from what I have listed on the board daily. Assignments are usually the same for spelling each week. (Mon. ABC order, Tues. and Wed. Choice , and Thurs. 3 times each) Math is usually a workbook page that covers concepts learned that day. Reading workbook is given a few nights a week. Reading / Spelling test are always on Friday so they have to study for that. In addition, I...

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Posted by:Cathy-Dee #23528

You probably should find out what the school policy is. Some schools do not have policies and others are quite rigid in them. I thought I heard somewhere about 10 minutes per grade level - so 10 minutes for first grade, 20 minutes - 2nd grade - and so on.
I'm not sure of the exact breakdown.

I think homework is important in two ways, one it does prepare students for the "higher" grades including University where you do assignments at home. So giving them homework helps them to develop those skills at an earlier age and also to learn how to manage their time at home. It also gives parents a chance to see what their child is learning and how they are able to do the work.

And it depends on what the definition of "homework" is. I consider home reading and studying for spelling words...

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Re: Homework
Posted by:Lisa2 #39571

I'm a 4th grade teacher, and like many of you have found it difficult to decrease the amount of time it takes to check homework. A co-teacher and I put our heads together to try and ease this situation. Our students sit in groups and we both check homework upon the beginning of each subject area in this way ... the easiest yet for the both of us.

Students are asked to take out homework at the beginning of each subject area. A monthly assigned student ("Homework Helper") in each group is then asked to check for complete or incomplete homework in their group. I keep a clipboard with a student checklist upon it. (The checklist is set up weekly with student names on the left and the weekly dates at the top.) After a minute or so, I ask each "Homework Helper" for a report. If anyone has incomplete homework (in math for instance)...

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Posted by:SusanTeach #113957

Welcome to 3rd! :)

1. I give my students a homework sheet every week - it's on the back of their weekly newsletter. I write the homework on the board and they write it on their homework sheet. Before I stamp their behavior log (at the bottom of their homework sheet) I check to make sure they've written down the homework.
2. We go over the homework together in class. It's the quickest way to find out if I need to review a concept or go into more detail. It takes just a few minutes when we're starting that subject. What I do is ask who doesn't have their homework - then I write their name in a binder. Then we go over it together (I don't worry about them lying about it - they know I'll walk around and see who has it). When I do graded paper...

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Posted by:Betsy #88084

My students have an unfinished work folder they keep at their seats. Any time a student isn't finished with an assignment when it's time to move on to something else they place their work in this folder. They check this folder first if they happen to have any free time later that day. I also require my students to complete unfinshed classwork for homework. Sometimes I make a list of who needs to finish what on a sticky note and sometimes I have the students write their names on the board. The next day they turn in the work with their homework and I can easily mark names off the list to see who didn't turn in the work.

Homework: I have a checklist divided into 4 days across the top-Monday through Thursday. Underneath each day is a column for each subject: Reading, Spelling, English, Math, Science/Social...

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Posted by:Shirley #62387

Lengthy, sorry! My homework policy is clearly explained at parent info nite in Sept. Beginning in November I assign homework each Monday, which is due back, signed by an adult, on Thursday. This allows flexibility for individual family schedules. The homework goes home stapled as a packet, in a laminated pocket folder. On the cover sheet (a standard form I created) I merely check off what's inside (Math, Spelling, etc) and I add any specific directions to this sheet (seldom any). Also stapled inside the folder is a "homework tracker". I merely date and number that the homework was returned, and signed by an adult. After 5 in a row, students get a "get out of homework free" pass, to take one assignment off. This still counts as a complete. (so the tracker goes 1-5, then back to 1...if they miss one, it's a 0, then goes back to...

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Homework Calendars
Posted by:Sharon D.W.L #46018

I also send home monthly calendars with one or two things to complete each night Monday to Thursday. Usually Tuesday and Thursday are Spelling related once we start Spellings because of the quiz/test the next day. Monday and Wednesday is Math/Science/Soc. St or Health related. Friday I collect Moose Books (communication books) and homework to date stamp and place a sticker if completed. I do mark a few things but not usually at the beginning of the year. Last year I did an internet search (I think on pro teacher) using "homework" and used the examples I found to make up my own calendars using a word processing program (MS Word) for each month. Some items were not very practical for my students so I used what worked and adapted a few things too. I hope to again use some of the...

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homework (long)
Posted by:teachfla #86884

I send a detailed letter home at the beginning of the year explaining my NIGHTLY homework policy and how I figure grades (1/3 each tests, homework, classwork.) Parents sign it, and I keep it. I keep homework very consistant (similar stuff on each night), which helps parents plan for any afterschool activities.

If they don't do any part of nightly homework, they spend their recess making it up. I also send home weekly progress reports where I show how many completed assignments I've received in reading, math and spelling. I also include grades on weekly reading, spelling, and math tests. When Johnny doesn't do his math homework and gets a 62% on the math test, it usually dawns on parents.

I also show the kids how I grade using a pie chart. We divide a circle into 3 parts. I show them how we do...

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Posted by:Trish #36892

I teach 7th and 8th grade. Here is how I handle homework/organzing

I have a different tray for each class (the ones that you can stack on top of each other) When I get their homework/papers of any kind, they get paperclipped and put here. for grading homework, I have a chart for each class that stays in my grade book. It kinda looks like a grade book, I have each studentss' name on one side and then empty columns and spaces (like a grade book) to enter the homework grade.
I enter the date and a brief desciption of the assignment on the top of the chart (like gradebook) that way if a parent comes in I can say, well she missed this homework, etc. They get 1 point for each question that is assigned. that way if they tried but didn't finish they still...

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Posted by:Ann #23546

I have a worksheet with each day and each subject for homework listed. Such as Monday (Math,Spelling,Reading,Science,SS,other). Every day I post on the homework board the homework of the day and go over it with the students as I write it...
We have 10 words (5 spelling and 5 vocabulary) weekly. On Monday, they have to write a sentence with the first 5 words. On Tuesday, they have to write a sentence with the last 5 words. On Wednesday, they have to write a paragraph (fiction/non-fiction) using all ten words.. On Thursday, they have to study for our spelling test on Friday. This doesn't usually change. For math homework, I usually give them a worksheet for review purposes. For reading homework, we do a story a week. So each night I give a worksheet with questions (approx.5-8) that I've generated regarding...

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Posted by:Sandy #46107

I guess it depends on what grade you teach. I teach 2nd grade and use homework as an extension of the things we do in class and as a responsibility thing. I don't take it for a grade. I have a homework basket and when the students come in they put it in the basket. I glance at a few problems say in Math and if they have the concept I put a star on the paper and file it in their mailbox. When I taught 4th grade I gave them a homework packet every Monday that had all of their homework in it for the week. They had to turn it in on Friday morning and I didn't accept late work. I had a parent who came in on Friday mornings and checked it for me. They would turn in their homework with the cover sheet that I had given them on Monday stapled on the front....

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one homework plan
Posted by:Sarah #62483

I have found the following plan to be a middle ground for homework: I give an average of 45-60 minutes of homework a night (Mon-Thurs). They must read 20 min. a night (If they have a Content area reading assignment, they can count it towards their reading homework log). They have a Spelling Contract to complete every week. It breaks down to one Spelling assignment per night. They have some math every night (I usually give around 10 problems). They have a science experiment or book activity for which they have one week to complete (due on Wednesdays). And, they have a social studies activity (i.e. Time For Kids or News Article summary)for which they have 1 week to complete. We usually have a long-term project of some sort to complete in which case I help them break it up into shorter goals.


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Posted by:Sue #16046

For the homework, I use a gradebook program that lets me weight grades. Usually, I assign homework that is not for grades -- but for practice or study for a test. However, if you weight the homework category so that it is worth only 10% or 20% of their total score, you and the parent should get a more realistic representation of the child's capabilities. Make sure the parents know that.

As for the parent "hanging" out before and after class. I would be friendly and greet them, but then get quickly to business. Send out a parent letter stating your times and methods of receiving calls -- we specify before and after school. Don't set the precident of calling them at home at night -- especially from your own house (caller ID -- they can start calling you). Call after school -- up to one hour. If they have questions...

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Posted by:JJ #59092

I have two types of kids in my class usually. There are the ones who do their homework consistently and have parents who encourage them to do well in school and are my partners in teaching their child. Then there are the students who never turn in homework, and who have parents who are struggling with two or more jobs, other kids, babies, etc. Therefore the homework I assign is above and beyond what I expect the kids to be learning in school. It is more of an enrichment kind of thing, because I know that not everybody's going to do it, and I don't want to worry that if Johnny doesn't do the homework, he's not going to learn what he needs to.

Another option you have for kids who don't do homework is to have classroom volunteers help them with the homework at...

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HOMEWORK (kind of long)
Posted by:Jen M #85165

I hope this helps...

My school district/administration does not regulate the amount of homework that we give. Each teacher decides if and how much is given per night/per week. Our principal supports each of us and the decisions we make.
In my class, I assign homework on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I never assign homework over a weekend or holiday break, because I feel that that time should be used for family time and for just being a kid. I also don't send home homework on Mondays because it is the start of the week and I let them get back into their groove (and me too).
The only issue I have with homework is the amount of help or lack of help students receive at home. The homework I send is generally review (math), spelling words, and the reading story of the...

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Posted by:Teach 5 #115528

One problem with trying to figure out homework is that each child completes it at a different rate. My 5th graders are supposed to have about 1 hr. (no more than 1 and 1/2 hour) per night. (4 nights a week.)

Last year, my teaching partner & I decided to give all of the homework out on Thursdays, due the next Thursday. This helps the kids plan around their activity schedules. The parents & the students loved it. It helped the kids that needed more time to complete things to plan for it. It helped our brighter kids free up time for more reading or other activities. Parents liked it because even though we aren't "supposed" to assign homework on weekends, they could choose to work on the homework over the weekend if they wanted too. For some families that was the best time to complete homework. All of our incoming parents &...

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managine homework
Posted by:Carolyn/5th grade #62605

I have 25 students this year. I manage homework by walking around the room and inspecting it very quickly to see that everybody has completed it. If it isn't completed, then I have the child or children who haven't completed it sign my homework log sheet. They have to write their excuse, what's missing, date it, and provide their signature. I collect it and return it to my log book. At the end of the week, I send it home with their test papers, etc. for parents to sign. The parents can see first-hand what their children are forgetting and why they haven't done it. You get some interesting reasons sometimes, and many of them sound like poor excuses. "I went to a party and got home late. I didn't get to do it." We then check our homework as a class. The students are...

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Posted by:Chris #33665

This is my 3rd year teaching first grade in NYC.
Start with a letter to parents explaining that homework should be done every night & that it is a reinforcement of the day's lessons. Also, remind parents that they are to assist but not do the homework for the child. You would preper to see errors other than perfection. (Be understanding if once in a while homework is skipped).

Math is assigned every day. If your math curriculum has workbooks, great. I have to make up much of the homework.

Every Mon. students are given 5 spelling words which they write. On Tues. they choose 2-3 words & write in a sentence. On Friday they are assessed. I prefer assessment that includes writing a sentence or 2 with words.

For reading, I send home "A Book In A Bag" with a sheet for recording title, when read, etc.

For writing I have to get creative....

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Homework in 4th Grade
Posted by:R Orofino #78629

I have taught fourth grade for seven years. My policy for homework is:
Daily math assignment - practice from the day's lesson with one word problem. I give struggling students only five math problems; the rest get about 8 to 10 problems depending on the complexity.

Independent reading for 20 to 30 minutes every day. Students usually have a strategy to practice and use sticky notes to prove reading. This gets checked during independent reading time in the during class. It takes less time when the students are working in book clubs - they tell on each other.

Science and Social Studies: One project a month for one or the other.

I check Math homework during Math by asking if anyone had a problem with the homework. All students must have the homework out. This way I know who did or did not do homework. They give up recess time...

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