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Theme - Frog Theme Photos

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This collection contains pictures from teachers' classrooms that have successfully incorporated a frog theme.
Here's one from my classroom
Posted by:kpl #2133

This is our Fabulous Frog of the Week BB. I had to smudge the faces because of a post I read here on PT about photo release forms... I don't know if I needed one or not... and since I don't have one, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Hope this helps you a little!

Download: proteacher-Fabulous_Frog_BB.JPG (60.574 KB)

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Posted by:kpl #2135

I just love the Pond of Fame and the kids do, too. Here's a pic of my discipline chart. The stop signs are when they've broken a classroom rule and I've warned them. I have magnets behind the little pictures and just slide them down if needed. They also have a chance to move back up to the happy frog the same day.

Download: proteacher-discipline_chart.JPG (45.785 KB)

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Posted by:garcia #2136

YEAH!!! I finally figured out how to post! Here is one of my bulletin boards!:D

Download: proteacher-100_1751.JPG (76.498 KB)

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Here is another one
Posted by:garcia #2137

This one says: Catch a Reading Strategy !

Download: proteacher-100_1753.JPG (58.879 KB)

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another one
Posted by:garcia #2139

This one is for the 5 w's!

Download: proteacher-100_1754.JPG (56.438 KB)

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Hoppy helpers
Posted by:garcia #2140

I think I am going to revamp this one a bit for this school year.

Download: proteacher-100_1755.JPG (57.429 KB)

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Posted by:garcia #2141

This is my AR board. I made the lily pads out of cardboard and spray painted them green. I also sprayed gold glitter on them!:)

Download: proteacher-100_1760.JPG (56.928 KB)

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Posted by:garcia #2142

This is the back of our lockers. The lockers are in our room! I painted this on the back of them. This is an unfinished picture! I wrote: Reading is TOAD-ally Terribbit! across the top! :D

Download: proteacher-100_1748.JPG (54.444 KB)

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GE teachers
Posted by:garcia #2143

These are my classroom expections. The 8 expectations from GE! I made these using clip art from print shop. I enjoyed this. I also made them using jungle clip art for my friend who teachers 3rd grade and does a jungle theme.

Download: proteacher-100_1756.JPG (39.37 KB)

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Frog Halloween......
Posted by:garcia #2144

This is my door for October! I drew this and colored it. I teach Reading. I put the boys as the bats and the girls were frogs. They each had to write their favorite book and tell the author.

Download: proteacher-100_1539.JPG (49.648 KB)

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March Door
Posted by:garcia #2145

This is my March Frog Door.LOL

Download: proteacher-100_1952.JPG (59.177 KB)

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Frog Theme
Posted by:NCP #2146

I did a frog theme 2 years ago. Here are a few photos.

This was our "meeting pad"

Download: HPIM1300.JPG (201.341 KB)

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Frog Theme
Posted by:NCP #2147

Here was our job chart

Download: HPIM2018.JPG (194.234 KB)

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Frog Theme
Posted by:NCP #2148

and here was our door sign.

Download: Door.JPG (117.646 KB)

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