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Friday Folders ~ Returning Graded Papers

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This collection gives information about how teachers prepare their Friday folders, or papers that are graded to parents. Included are weekly progress reports that teachers sometimes staple to the students graded work.
Friday Folders
Posted by:traveler007 #139764

I use Friday Folders, which I inserted all their graded work into once a week. I also had a form stapled to the inside of it with columns for: Date, Missing Work, Cards Changed (discipline plan changes), a quick Comment from me, and a space for parent signature. By the end of the year, it took me about 20 minutes to do it for my entire class.

Next year I think I might also add a Proud Book idea that I got from a colleague. In the beginning of the year, have a book bound with blank construction paper for each week of the school year for each student. Then each week, students pick their assignment they are most proud of to glue into the book. They write a couple of sentences on the opposite page about why they are proud of it.

Hope this helps...

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Posted by:luvinlife #1799

I also send a Friday Folder like traveler said. I am attaching the sheet I attach to the top!

Download: Weekly Progress Report Frog theme.doc (51.2 KB)

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sending graded papers home
Posted by:SusanTeach #141881

I send home graded papers, stapled together, in a folder with a form in the front. The form lasts through the 9 weeks, then I exchange it for a new one. The form has columns with:
date/parent signature/discipline(E,S,N)/homework(+,-, L for late)/comments

If they get E and + I just put a smiley face for the comment. If there was an issue with discipline, I just put a quick reason ("needs reminder about excessive talking"). If they have a - for homework, I put what's missing.

I get 24 folders done in 15 minutes each week while I have recess room (we take turns having it). If we didn't have a recess room, I'd just do the folders while my kids were reading their A.R. books at the end of the day.

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sending papers home
Posted by:Linda/OH #141885

Our Home Folders have 2 pockets: Keep at Home & Return to School. I just send home graded work as soon as it's done:) Paperwork that needs a signature just gets put in the return to school pocket.

They also have the daily behavior calendar kept in the back of the home folder, that is color coded each day so parents know how their day was.

When there's a problem with a few, then I arrange for parent signatures but other than that I don't feel it's necessary.

At the beginning of the year I send home the info regarding our grading and homework policies. I also send occasional newsletters to keep families informed about projects, events, etc.

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Posted by:SusanTeach #1821

That's surprising that some of you don't need to send home anything. I personally like to have a paper trail. With their signature, I have proof that they know their child's grades ahead of time. They also have the option of going over any work that was misunderstood. I let them keep the graded papers so they can take the weekend or a whole month to go over them - or not at all. Either way they have no reason to be upset at report card time. Their child has "that grade" because that's how all those papers averaged. It works well for me.

I didn't realize some parents wouldn't like getting the papers. I love glancing through my own 3 children's papers. I throw away any after I go over them (if needed) and keep any that I think are extra good work to save....

Download: Graded Paper Form.doc (28.16 KB)

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No friday folder
Posted by:melgirl03 #141887

No Friday folder here! Too much work when parents don't want to look at it. Each child has a mailbox in the classroom. Papers are filed there as soon as they are graded. Students check their mailbox at the end of each day and put those papers in the right pocket of their homework folder labeled "Papers for Home". Parents know to check that pocket every night.
I had two students this year who would "lose" graded papers so they had to get their planner signed by me each afternoon and then signed by their parents each night. This is where I would put any comments about work or behavior. I figure by this age neither they nor their parents should still need such a stringent thing as a Friday Folder.

We do have a behavior program that we follow in which they earn different...

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also about sending work home...
Posted by:Linda/OH #141889

I think it's better to give more immediate feedback for both students and parents. I try to check work and get it back same day (when possible) or at least in a timely fashion. I know as a "student" I wanted feedback right away:) That eliminates the overhwelming piles of papers.

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Parent Communication Folders
Posted by:Clarksville #139980

I do something similar to many of you. I use a mailbox filing system during the week. On Friday's, our class brainstorms the highlights of our weekly activities. Students write a letter to their parent explaining what they did in school that week. Over the weekend, parents respond to their children’s letters and review the work that was sent home. We use a two pocket with prong folders; one side is stay at home and the other return to school. Each week, the student returns his/her folder with the piece of work he/she would like to put inside the portfolio that goes home at the end of the year. Parents in other classes have asked for their teachers to use these "Parent Communication Folders." It's been a nice way for students to talk about issues with their parents they wouldn't normally discuss because of their age. It's...

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Works For Me!
Posted by:Trinia2 #141891

My kids have a Friday Folder where they keep papers that have been corrected in one pocket and to be finished in the other. On Fridays the kids give out tests and quizzes that have been corrected. They are put in their Homework Folder with the Friday Folder papers and are sent home. No cover sheet or report. The papers speak for themselves. Parents know to expect them on Fridays. If something needs a signature (usually 60 or below), it is stamped. When it comes back, I circle the grade in my Gradebook. If there are issues, I have found it best to contact the parent via phone initially, then later, perhaps ongoing, if needed, email. I used to do the Friday reporting, but no longer do. Also we give out midterm progress reports. Parents are never surprised by their kids' grades.

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Graded Work
Posted by:tbsrwilson #2130

Here is the form I put in my Take Home Tuesday Folders.

Download: Take_Home_Tuesday.doc (29.184 KB)

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Form for Take-Home Folder
Posted by:2ndGradeDeb #141892

I have a form for my take-home folder, also. But it is at school. I do the following:

Date:____________________ Student_______________#___

Reading: ____________________ Math:___________________
Language:___________________ Spelling:________________
Social Studies:_______________ Science:_______________

Academics: Outstanding - Very Good - Good & Improving

Good - Satisfactory - Unsatisfactory

Behavior: Outstanding - Very Good - Good & Improving

Good - Satisfactory - Unsatisfactory


Parent Signature:_________________________

Each grade is listed and I circle the academic and behavior part. I also make any comments necessary. These forms are great to have for documentation!

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Assignment sheet
Posted by:g8rFan #141893

We have to do a weekly assignment sheet that goes home in the Friday Folder along with graded work. The bottom portion gets signed and returned. It has the child's name, behavior report and says "your child recieved a 69% or below in the following subjects:". Then all the subjects are listed. If any papers are 69 or below, the subject gets circled. The parents signs the bottom. Under the signature it says "your signature indicates that you have seen your child's papers and behavior report."

It is a great system. A parent can never claim that they were not aware of a bad grade or of a behavior issue. This is school-wide.

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graded papers
Posted by:Mom4a_and_c #141896

I send graded papers home every Friday. They go home in a folder. I stamp each page that I want signed and returned. I mark on the inside of the folder how many papers are being sent home. I hope this helps.

Marie from PA

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Posted by:vateacher #114992

I send home work in our school's friday envelope. I use the bright pink stickers highlights sends that say "please sign and return" for papers I want signed. I never use them for anything else so why not recycle?:p I also have a special letter I send for when center work is inappropriate for the week or I notice a specific problem. I've attached it to this post in case this is what you're looking for. I only use it when there's a huge problem and I usually wait til the second half of the year to send it home once the kids are really clear on what's expected. Most of what goes home stays there unless there's a problem. I hope this helps!:s)

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Sending graded work home
Posted by:pickleo #141897

I would send home every Friday in a "Friday Folder" (one side said "Leave at Home," the other side said "Return".). The work was to stay home unless it was stamped "signed" or placed on the 'return' side of the folder.

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friday folder
Posted by:tweet #115007

I do send home a half sheet form for the parents to sign indicating they have seen the child's work--not that half of them actually do look at it, but they sign anyway. I do not require any of the work to be returned as we don't do portfolios and I don't want the paper clutter. I staple all the week's work together along w/ the note to be signed. This prevents all but the craftiest 3rd grader from "losing" papers they don't want Mom and Dad to see. For some reason, most 3rd graders don't figure out that they could tear the paper out of the stack before showing it to the parents. I'LL never tell! Anyway, parents sign the note and tear it off and return it to school.

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Monday Folders
Posted by:SC #114256

At my school, every teacher sends home a folder on Mondays. When parents sign, all they have to put is the date and their signature. I've never been too worried about forging or dishonesty.

- Parents in every class know to expect the folders each Monday.
- It's great for communication about grades.
- Parents can use the graded material to review with their kids.

- Folders need to be sturdy or laminated. Otherwise they will need to be replaced at least once during the year.
- Because it wasn't graded, I would have some students just not bring back their folders until really late in the week. This year I'm going to give them until Wednesday, and then there will be a consequence. I understand that the parents have to sign it,...

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Posted by:SusanTeach #114262

I love sending home graded papers the same day every week. Parents know to look for them, and the kids get into the routine of asking them to sign. I send mine home on Friday, but other teachers use other days. Just stay consistent if you can.

My sheet includes a + or - if they did homework all week, and E,S,N,U for behavior. Then there is a space for comments. If they misbehaved or missed homework, I write the specifics there. Otherwise I usually draw a smiley face in the comment section. Then there's a space for the parent signature. I date it myself.

There really aren't any cons to it - it doesn't take long to do - I usually do it during my planning time on Friday (I don't schedule conferences on Fridays), and it takes about 10-15 min. to do...

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Take Home Tuesday
Posted by:tbsrwilson #114268

I send my folders home on Tuesdays. This gives me enough time to get the quizzes and tests, etc. from Friday graded and the folders organized. I am attaching a copy of the label for the folder and the parent sheet for inside for you to see what I do. Mine are just yellow pocket folders.

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Week at a Peek
Posted by:Kimberley #114286

My girlfriend gave me this idea a few years ago and I have been using it ever since. Every Friday (I think I might change it to a different day of the week this year) They get a folder with their graded work, up coming projects, and a Sheet that holds 4 weeks worth of comments. Each week there is a box for Behavior, Classwork, Homework, and a comments section. At back to school night I explain to the parents how I mark each box. I use a smile face stamp if they have handed everything in, behaved well, and kept up with classwork. I will use a straight faced stamp if there was one homework missing, etc. If there was a problem I write a quick note in the box as to what was missing or misbehavior which is very short - talking during lessons, etc.(I hate the frown...

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monday folders
Posted by:tia #114290

a few years ago our school went to a school-wide monday folder system (which i whined about but now LOVE).

we are given plastic folders (WAY too "floppy" for me!) to use if we wish, but about 1/2 the teachers use their own folder.

i use those 2-pocket folders (the kind that were .10 at Walmart, .07 at Target, .01 2 weeks ago at Staples--now .05 at Staples....). i teach 6th grade and they last the entire year! (at semester time, i reinforce the fold with packing tape.)

one pocket--important information (weekly trackers of behavior and work ethic, my newsletter, school newsletter, and other "junk" and spelling "fridge list"). other pocket--graded/finished work.

on front--label with date and 1 or 2 of the most important notes parents need to know.

i had parents...

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Homework folder and Graded Paper Folder
Posted by:teach2all #114294

I send home a homework folder each night and a Graded Papers Folder on Wednesday.
My homework folder is the plastic kind w/ 2 pockets. On the left hand pocket I place a label that says:"Keep at home" this is the side that the students place all of their daily classwork to take home each day.
On the right hand side I place a label that say "Please complete and return to school". This is the side that their homework goes in each day.
We (all the first grade teachers) also have a vocabulary folder on this side of our homework folder. We take file folders, cut them in half, laminate them, and put the 2 prong fasteners at the top. Our reading series- Scott Foresman has vocabulary sentences each week and what we have done is copy the sentences down so...

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Weekly folder
Posted by:apple324 #114299

In my weekly folder...

A weekly progress report that goes home it includes:
Parents signature

Parents see this may seem like a lot but I would rather have the problems up front rather than at the end of the year and the parent was clueless...

I am big on communicating with parents! My motto is I would rather them see me versus the Principal or school board :)

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Monday "folders"
Posted by:chalkdusty #114336

I send all graded work home with my students on Mondays. (That way I have all weekend to grade Friday tests.) I don't use a folder though. I just staple the papers together into a "packet." I also staple the weekly newsletter to the top of this packet along with a slip/form (one third sheet of paper) that has space for me to list any missing assignments from the week and a place for the parent's signature. I ask the students to return the slip on Tuesday, but do give them one day's grace till Wednesday. At that point I send an email to the parent (if they have given me one) or I make a quick phone call to ask if they have received the Monday packet. I've had very good comments about this system.

I also made "planners" for the students to write daily assingments. These planners had space...

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Posted by:SusanTeach #113352

I include behavior on my Friday Graded Paper Folder. It is very basic - E, S, N, or U. This is how it is:

E - no infractions for the week (warnings don't count as infractions)
S - 1-2 infractions
N - 3-4 infractions
U - 5 or more infractions (which also means an office referral)

Sometimes I'll jot down the problem (ex: homework) - but they should already know since it's on their behavior chart that goes home daily. Unfortunately, the parent doesn't always initial the daily behavior chart, so this gives me a record that they're aware of the problem - even if it's at the week's end.

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I do both.
Posted by:KcK #2131

I send home my Friday Folders with the signature page taped to the front. Then I send home a weekly progress report with it. I attached the progress report below so you can check it out. They are a bit more work, but the parents really like them.

Download: progress report.doc (46.08 KB)

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Lots of info
Posted by:teachfla #113365

I send progress reports home on Monday, too (folders with graded work go home every day). It gives me more time to do them and then parents don't have to spend weekend time on it. I include the following on each week's report:

Test scores for the week with all tests stapled at the back.
% correct on AR (which is 1/4 of their reading grade)
How many of the reading, math, and spelling homework assignment were turned in (ex: completed ___ out of 5 assignments)
Behavior (E, S, N, U) for the following areas: responsible, focused, polite to others
Reminders for parents (picture day, field trip forms, stuff like that)
Comment line for me to add notes
Parent signature line

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Friday folders
Posted by:tweet #113387

We send home folders on Friday, or sometimes Monday if we got behind. On the front of the folder is a behavior chart. It is divided in to rows for each week of the grading period. Beside the number of the week (like Week 1) there is a row of smiley faces. At the bottom, below the last row, there is a chart that lists the class rules. It is numbered. If a child breaks a rule that week, a smiley face is marked out. On the right side of the page, at the end of each row, if a comments box. If a smiley is marked off, in the comments box I write the number of the rule broken, the date (in numerals) of the infraction, and a more specific explanation of the offense if necessary. The parents sign the chart each week.

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