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Homework Planners

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One of our biggest goals as teachers is to teach organization. Using planners and M.O.O.S.E. Notebooks, teachers help students develop good study habits.
Planners-love them!
Posted by:agable413 #141671

Our intermediate grades use planners. We keep them in our students TEAM binders (many people know these as MOOSE or BEE Books). Students are requried to get their planners signed on a nightly basis but they never leave their binder. (They receive an effort grade at the end of each quarter for getting the planner signed and keeping the notebook clean and neat) Each day I write a number code on the day's signature line to let parents know how their child did for the day. Parents are aware of the code and look for my response. It's a good way to keep parents informed about how their child is doing. I didn't have any trouble getting parents to sign the planner throughout the was an excellent communication tool for them as well...if they needed anything from me, they wrote directly in the planner.

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We love planners
Posted by:only4Him #140521

Planners are wonderful! 8-) We have used them for years - our school provides them and parents are required to sign them every night. We have students highlight their homework, put a check by completed work, and circle work that may have been written down but we didn't have time to do in class. I also have a stamp that has a parent signature line that I place by work that was not turned in on time. This is my way of letting parents know that the work is missing. It's much easier than filling out a late slip form.
We have B.E.A.C.H. binders (like moose binders) and students must keep the binder and planner on their desk. I ask that students keep their planner open at all times so that throughout the day as work is completed they may check it off in their planner....

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Posted by:mariners #141672

We use them at our school from 1st grade on up. I have my kids record their homework in them for the week on Mondays and they also glue their Spelling list for the week in the last column which is Sat/Sun. Any special activities are also put in the planner. Each night, students record the name of the book they read, the page numbers, and the amount of time they read (at least 30 minutes). Parents then sign it. This way, I know the kids did their reading homework and parents are aware of any homework assignments or upcoming events.

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Checking Planners
Posted by:only4Him #141673

I call the student's name, they say "hot" or "cold" and at that time bring their planner to me with all their work assigned the day before. If they have it signed, I give them a stamp. If not, I circle it and they get one day's grace to get it signed without a penalty. I also check their work at this time by collecting it in piles by subject. I can see immediately if they are missing anything, and if so I stamp their planner with a late stamp/parent signature by the work that is missing. This system has worked well for me. It takes about 15 min. of my morning time, but I have assignments the kids work on while they are waiting their turn (writing in the planner, D.O.L., D.O.G., cursive practice). It is well worth it because kids know that...

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M.O.O.S.E. Notebooks
Posted by:MOOSE #18456

M.O.O.S.E. Notebooks (Management Of Organizational Skills Everyday)

The M.O.O.S.E. Notebook contains the sections listed below. Entries are made daily so please look at all of the sections, especially the Parent/Teacher Communication section in the back of the notebook.

Newsletter - Newsletters will be sent home each Friday.

Homework & Word Lists - This folder will contain work to be done at home and turned in. It will also contain work that your child has completed at school. When your child has mastered a word list, this is where you will find his/her new list.

School Notes - This folder will contain any notes form school from our principal, school nurse, or any other school personnel or organization.

Parent/Teacher Communication - This section will be for notes between you and me. I will...

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MOOSE folders
Posted by:Steph/4/TX #140951

I used them for years when I taught kinder. MOOSE stands for Managing Our Organizational Skills Everyday. I used 1" three-ring binders that had the plastic around the outside so you could slide papers into it. I put cute covers there with the kid's name. Inside, on the pockets in the binder, I put stickers that said "LEFT at home" and Bring RIGHT back." This helped the parents know what they kept and what they didn't. Inside the binder I had several sections that were just sheet protectors with address labels on them that I had printed with the title of each section. These are the sections I used:

School Calendar & Homework Calendar: I put these back-to-back in one sheet protector
School Notes
Teacher Notes
Reading Log
I also had a zipper pouch at the front that held pencils,...

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Posted by:kay #112768

I put the important stuff that needs to stay good (directions, cover page) in a plastic sleeve. I also use the sleeves for homework books to keep them nice, and for lunch checks, etc. You can buy 100 very cheaply at Walmart. Mine have one 2 pocket folder in them for homework and stuff to keep at home (graded papers). The dividers for the parent communication section are brightly colored or plain cardstock--I used the numbered dividers from the Saxon math boxes that I had saved. Cost--nothing. Lots of things come with heavier paper inserts that you throw away. I use these all the time. Even if there is writing on one side, you can still use the other. I run them through the copy machine to print whatever information is needed on them. Just 3 hole punch them and you're all set.

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Posted by:Darlene #112815

I use folders for finished and unfnished homework, and another for spelling packets and reading theatre scripts. Plastic sleeves hold my class contract and the monthly calendar/lunch menus. The inside cover of the binder is for parent notes etc, and the back of the binder is for graded homework. Each binder also has a pencil pouch to hold lunch and field trip $$$, library card, and tickets. HTH

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Instead of purchasing dividers....
Posted by:wig #141674

A friend of mine used colored construction paper - a different color for each section. She found it was much cheaper.

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Posted by:Helen #43024

I adapted this idea, from a proteacher mailring discussion, several years ago..this will be my third year using it. My parents, as a whole, really seem to like it, some of course never even look at it. It is a lot of trouble but you are also doing a "CYA" and at the end of the year parents cannot come back at you with "I didn't know....(whine)".
Both years I used three ring notebooks...last year brought from Big Lots @ 2 for $1.00. Year before $.68 at Wal Mart. They do hold up better than the three prong folders and hold more.
I include a copy of first grade curriculum(state),our school and county handbooks,Sight Word List students are expected to be able to read by JUne, Inspirational poems and articles for parents, a copy of the school's yearly calendar, I insert a monthly calendar with special...

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Moose Book
Posted by:Tabitha #41637

You get a 3 ring binder, page protectors, subject pocket folders, lined paper, and a zipper pouch.

You have the following sections in the folder:
On the inside pocket is labeled "Important Papers from School" Students put information from office or teacher here.
Zipper pouch is labeled "Lunch/Snack Money" that way money is not stollen from desks or bookbags.
File folder pocket labeled "Super Duper Work To Keep" for all graded papers to go home.
Other side of file folder pocket labeled "Returned Homework" students put homework that is being brought back to school here.
Laminated piece of construction paper labeled "Parent/Teacher Communication" this is for parents to write you or you write them a note and they have to sign it. You place lined paper undernieth that title.
Laminated piece of constrution paper labeled "Newsletters" for...

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