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Theme - Bug Theme

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Fewer things will "bug" you at the start of the year when you have a fun theme in your classroom. Ants, bees, butterflies and other insects morph your room into a learning center. Check out these posts.
It Bugs Me
Posted by:adele #141613

We did a bulletin board with the bugs theme, "It Bugs Me". I asked each student what bugs them. It was expressive and fun, with a wide range of expected responses like "my brother" or " my sister," to "taking the trash can to the street on the wrong day," etc.

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Posted by:Kate26 #141669

To encourage good citizenship you can choose a B.U.G. (Being unsually Good) each week.

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Bugs Theme
Posted by:Tabitha/5th #43649

Job chart: "We Are Creeping for Something To Do" have a large tree with leaves. On each leaf write the jobs. On lady bugs, caterpillars, spiders, ants, and others write the students names.

"We Are All A Flutter In 2nd Grade" Have large flowers all over the wall and place butterflies and lady bugs with students names on them on the flowers.

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Ladybug Theme
Posted by:BuzyBeeTeacher #57469

Just about anything can work for a classroom theme! Pick something you love. Here are some ideas for ladybugs that I came up with:

Ladybug Theme:

Welcome Board: "GREAT STUDENTS SPOTTED!" Put each student's name on a little leaf and put a giant ladybug in the center.

Jobs: "Busy Bugs!" Put a cardboard leaf with a clothespin glued to it and write the job on the leaf. Give each student a bug with their name and rotate jobs as needed.

Behavior Board: If you use a card pulling system in a pocket chart, you could customize it by cutting out five leaves for each student and numbering them 1-5. Students could change their leaf as a consequence.

Individual behavior management: Make small desk incentive charts for students with clip art. Give them a ladybug with no spots (use white out...

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Bug Theme
Posted by:Krissy #40727

Bug Fun:

Good work: "Bee-utiful Work" with bees;

OR "Works that Glows!" with little lightning bugs

Daily Info: "The Buzz" or "Look What's Buzzing"

Jobs: "Worker Bees" or "Classroom Jobhive" with
a big beehive with jobs on it.

Welcome Board: "Look who's buzzing into ___'s room!"

Material: Find colorful bug fabric to use as backgrounds.

*READING CORNER: Put up green paper around the corner, and glue large silk leaves all over it. Glue tiny plastic bugs around. Put a couple of plants. "Buzz on in to read a good book!"

*WREATH: I made a little wreath for the door that said "BEE YOUR BEST!" and I glued plastic bugs all over it.

*MAGNETS: I hot-glued big plastic bugs to clothespins and used big magnets. These were very handy for the boards to hang stuff or...

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Busy Bugs
Posted by:Kelly #80008

I like the busy bugs.
Special helper (star of the week): King/queen Bee
attendance/cafeteria order carrier: Monarch (because they navigate so for)
Class Librarian: Book worm

What types of jobs do you have in the class?

Good work board: Here's the Buzz
We Carry our Own (with di cuts of ants holding each persons work; maybe the kids names on the ant)

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cursive bugs
Posted by:Chris #70304

This isn't really a practice, but more of a fun reward for finishing the alphabet. Just last week we created letter bugs. The students created bug pictures out of as many cursive letters as they could. For example, I drew a lowercase "a" on the board. Then I turned it into a butterfly by rounding out the rest of the tail of the letter, adding a head and antennea, and creating a body. Some of the kids got very creative and ended up using many letters to create one large bug. O for the head, a for the body, c's for the eyes, etc. They turned out really cute.

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love bugs
Posted by:grade two rocks #73618

I like to make love bugs with my class - they make a large red heart out of construction paper and then decorate it with googly eyes and black construction paper- ladybug style spots (shaped liek hearts), legs (folded like fans if they want to make them jump out) and antennae, they look so cute!

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lunch bugs
Posted by:K-Jeanne #140715

I take small bug pictures and add a magnetic strip on the back. Students move them to either hot/cold lunch- I have to have a daily lunch count. I ask my students, "Did you move your lunch bug?"

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Bug Theme
Posted by:MsAlivia #142938

I am doing a bug theme also; ladybugs, ants, butterflies, caterpillars, and bees.

I'm calling the newsletter "The Weekly Buzz".

For behavior, I'm doing A Garden of Good Behavior. I am putting up a flower garden bulletin board. As children earn good behavior, a bug cutout with their name is added to the garden. At the end of a specified amount of time, kids with a certain amount of bugs in the garden get an award.

I have the Cricut machine and I used the cartridge Walk in My Garden a lot. You can tie flowers into this theme so easily. And the cartridge made some cute bug cutouts. My room is going to look great. I can't wait to see it all come together.

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Posted by:TLC #140718

Get an entomologist to come share. Contact a local university, or a nearby farming co-op or seed business. For example, we have Pioneer seeds and Becks Hybrids. It's free and the kids LOVE it.

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Behavior Chart
Posted by:teachntx #1673

Hope this helps... I used this theme last year and made the chart for my behavior system. I will attach the parent note too.

Download: bug behavior chart.pdf (140.706 KB)

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Note home
Posted by:teachntx #1674

Helper Boards
Posted by:Kate26 #142514

When using bugs as your theme, you can make a helper board entitled, "Worker Ants". You could have a large ant mound with children's names on ants next to jobs. Or you could use bees and call it "Worker Bees".

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