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Classroom Newsletter Examples

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Communicating to parents is an essential component in any classroom. This collection provides many examples of classroom newsletters.
Posted by:Peggy #2150

Ms. J

In theory, I have attached mine (we will see if it actually works!). You can't see the fact that I have fun, different font for each section, so just pretend for me:)

Download: Neilson News Master.doc (79.872 KB)

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word newsletter
Posted by:AngelCat21 #2151

I just made my very first newsletter the other day on word. I did have the fonts and borders in color, but changed them to black. I'm copying it onto light blue paper. It was fairly simple to make. Good Luck.

Download: newsletter for sharing.doc (95.232 KB)

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Posted by:Emily4th #2152

I do mine on the computer. My template is in publisher. All I do is type what I want each time.

Download: newsletter (306.176 KB)

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Posted by:teachum8 #2153

Here is an example of my newsletter. I find it very easy and quick to do each week. Hope it helps you.

Download: PDFonline.pdf (118.094 KB)

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here's one
Posted by:GoTeachers #2154

This was on another post a day or so ago... but I'll attach mine again. :) I got this template from Education World. You can just delete my titles and do your own. :D

Download: #21.doc (43.008 KB)

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Posted by:FischerTeach #2155

Here is a copy of my classroom newsletter. Besides all the classroom happenings, I also like to include a parenting section as well. I think this one has something about helping students with homework. I also have included things such as parent involvement in education, helping your child study, etc. The parents seem to really respond to this section.

Download: Sept 18 06.doc (71.68 KB)

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Posted by:vateacher #2156

Here's mine. A lot of my fonts are different than a standard computer just fyi... :) Oh and I change the clipart at the top each month... we send our newsletters home weekly.:s)

Download: September Newsletter.doc (43.52 KB)

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Been working on mine as well...
Posted by:msharkey #2157

I used to do monthly newsletters before my kids were born (5 years ago) and know, life happens. The twins, the 2 hour commute, the hubby (who is wonderful) - LIFE.

Anyway, I've been inspired by some of the websites and an online course on building relations with parents. I started one. Not sure if I want to take outsome of it out.

I was hoping to include each month the following:

a brief synopsis of what we've been up to in class
Some helpful information for parents (suggestions for read alouds, how to build comprehension, the importance of comprehension, how to help your child read, etc...)
things to look forward to
Possibly a calendar of events for the upcoming month
pictures of the kids in action
I would also like to focus on explaining what we are doing...

Download: (222.208 KB)

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here's mine
Posted by:cvt #2158

I'm sending it out tomorrow

Download: news 7-23-07 copy.doc (41.472 KB)

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Posted by:TeachKids853 #2159

I am a first year teacher myself, but created a newsletter format just this past year during my internship. I have just recently changed it to my new school/new teaching position. It is pretty self explainatory, but just in case (parents corner is where i put reminiders and thinks like money thats due, report cards going home, birthdays, etc. then there is the homework section which breifly explains what the home is/how they can help with the homework, spelling words simply said what the spelling words were, the subjects to follow breifly stated what would be going on in each subject the following week, and resource shedule stated what resource we would have the following week (helped make sure kids were wearing the right shoes on the right days for art, music, pe, etc.) This was always sent home every friday and pertained to the...

Download: Format Newsletter - Chaffee.doc (83.456 KB)

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Posted by:SusanTeach #2160

I have a jungle theme, so this is my newsletter:

Download: Jungle News (in Word).doc (406.016 KB)

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here's one
Posted by:GoTeachers #2161

I have a BEE theme so I call mine The Buzz. I send one home every Friday. I got this template from Education World. This is one that I sent in February of last year. :D

Download: #21.doc (43.008 KB)

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Posted by:DD #2162

I send home a weekly newsletter. I will be doing a crayon theme. I just made this template recently.

Download: Crayon (78.336 KB)

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here is mine
Posted by:flor2398 #2163

I don't know what it will look like when you bring it up because I used a special font, but you get the idea

Download: Second Grade Fridge Facts 1.doc (26.112 KB)

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I TRY to send one home every week
Posted by:MrsMoran #2164

sometimes I don't have time to get it done. I think it is great to help the parents know what you are doing each week and how they can help at home. Some parents love it and other don't even look at it, but that is with everything. It is also nice to put FYI's on instead of a billion notes. Here is one of mine.

Download: newsletter (152.576 KB)

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Calendar newsletter
Posted by:#1class #2165

I use a format I call "Looking Ahead".
I like to tell my parents what is happening before it happens.

It is easy to change things from week to week.

Download: looking ahead 4-7-08oc.doc (282.624 KB)

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Posted by:Rosieo #2166

This is my template. I just fill in the spaces each week.

Download: Newsletterm.doc (68.096 KB)

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My newsletter
Posted by:liketeaching1 #2167

I send a newsletter on the first day of the week. I save the "boxes" and change the information, clip art, etc. to coorelate with the season of unit of study. I also attach the newsletters to my webpage so that the parents can access the information on line.

The parents appreciate receiving it and our principal "expects" it!:)

Download: Mrs. XXX newsletter.doc (124.928 KB)

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Friday News
Posted by:jbkz #2168

This is my 6th year teaching and I have sent home a newsletter every Friday for all 6 years. The parents know to look for it on Friday and some read it and some don't. But, I am doing my part by keeping them informed.

I have scaled down the amount of clipart I use as it took too much time to find the "just right" picture. Now, I just have my "bee" and info for each subject. I tell what we covered this week and sometimes, what we will cover next week. I usually have a spot for important dates, too.

My newsletters are not fancy at all so they don't take me much time. :-)

Download: April 11, 2008.doc (55.296 KB)

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Posted by:jbmom #2169

teachers clubhouse
Posted by:kmer2 #2170

I changed my weekly newsletter this year to the kind on . They are cheap, and they provide lots of space for all kinds of information! I attached the one I used last year. It is easy as well.

Download: newsletter 1st.doc (68.096 KB)

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Posted by:jen517 #843

Here's mine. I will warn you, I have a ton of downloaded fonts that make it much cuter, but changed it all to a font that everyone has so you can change it as you wish. It looks a little plain:). Hope this helps you!

Download: newsletter for PT.doc (49.152 KB)

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Here is mine
Posted by:javamomma #2171

My newsletter is sent home every Monday. :o)
Hope this works.

Download: ~$ompson Times.doc (0.162 KB)

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Another sample
Posted by:liketeaching1 #2172

Here is a sample of what I send each Monday. I also place it on my webpage so that the parents can access it if the student is absent.

Download: Newsletter sample.doc (63.488 KB)

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my attachment
Posted by:Weezer #2173

This is a December newsletter. My February one is too long to attach.

Download: December (273.92 KB)

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Weekly Wave
Posted by:Ms. Bell #2174

Here's mine. I am doing an Under the Sea theme this year, so my weekly newsletter is called the "Weekly Wave." It follows a very simple format and takes me about fifteen to twenty minutes to do each week.

Download: Weekly Wave Sample.doc (43.52 KB)

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Fridge Facts
Posted by:Socks #2175

Here are my weekly Fridge Facts. I hope it helps!

Download: PT Fridge Facts (137.216 KB)

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Posted by:connorsmom020 #2176

My goal was weekly at the first of the year but our school does a weekly one so I quit and only do about 1 a month. I need to be more consistant but where's the time Here's one I sent.

Download: (82.432 KB)

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