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School Newspaper

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If you are new to school newspapers, or just need some fresh ideas, you are in the right place. Read about the in's and out's of running a school newspaper.
School Newspaper
Posted by:Melinda #87704

I run a school newspaper for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. They apply for a position at the beginning of the year and then I assign positions. Newspaper Club is held twice a month after school. The first meeting is for celebrations from the previous paper, brainstorming ideas, and getting started. They interview and write their piece at home. The second session is open typing time. Many students do their typing at home and just turn it in on a disk. E-mail me with further questions. I could also e-mail you some examples of newspapers and other info. I have.

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school newspaper
Posted by:ABC123 #52333

I teach in an elementary school. We have a monthly newspaper. What the person in charge does at our school is this.....She puts a little slip of paper in each grade level represtatives box. We are to write down what has occurred in our classrooms for the month (parties, awards, trips, projects,special guests, or whatever). Each grade level turns this in to her. Then the chairman of the "Partners In Education" turns one in, the principal, the special class teachers, etc. Voile' you have news for your paper. Hope this helps you!

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School Newspaper
Posted by:chris/4/PA #57768

I have done my school's newspaper for the past year. I put requests for material in teachers' boxes and then bugged them as my deadline got closer. Best issue was a poetry issue that included a lot of kids' work.
This year I would like to have the students involved as a club, instead of through teacher requests. Am not quite sure how to do it but it's only June!

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Posted by:June #12238

I put together a school nespaper for a few years. Here were some of the options the children could write about (submit).
Top Stories (current events), Interview with a friend, teacher, etc (this was very popular), Cartoons, Sports Newscaster, Fictional Story, Non-Fiction Story, Poems, Dedications, Illustrations, Autobiographies, Biographies, crossword puzzles, etc.

I had different sheets with the heading on the top and the directions. This made it easier for the students to look to see what they wanted to work on and it helped guide them on how to do it.

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~Here's What I Did~
Posted by:Nicholettev #116822

Hello! I think starting a school newspaper is a GREAT idea! :) When I taught in Upstate NY, I started one for our K-6 school. I ran it as an afterschool club for 5th and 6th graders.
During the first meeting, we discussed what our newspaper should be called: "The South Seneca Times".
Then we looked at other newspapers and talked about what we wanted to include in ours- school related stories for all grades, sporting events, clubs, happy grams, comics, teacher interview, student stories & poems, word search, and some type of puzzle.
Then, students signed-up to "cover/report" on what they thought would be of interest to them and other students- (school lunch, a new student, field trips, class projects, etc..
In the beginning, we meet every week or twice a week so that I could make sure the students knew...

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Posted by:Jadene_97 #141570

Hey! I have a couple of suggestions, maybe you'd like to know. Well, start out with a few people like and editor, a writer, a photographer, and a reporter. Then you could ask a teacher to see if you could maybe use some of your free time to work on the newspaper or interview someone!!! You could also see if you can reserve some time in the computer lab or a computer so you can make the newspaper and type it up. But remember, you need to try to get more people to join the newspaper business, but if too many people are there, just say, "I'm sorry, but there are too many people already. We just can't take anyone else in." So I hope my tips worked! Good luck!!! And remember to have fun!!! That's what this is about!!!

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Student Newspaper (5th Grade)
Posted by:kwh #118036

I am reading The Landry News (A. Clements) with my students and they have become inspired to start a student-run school newspaper. I'm all for it and willing to supervise. Do any of you do this? Any tips for managing it smoothly and efficiently - while staying kid focused - would be appreciated!

This is what I'm planning so far...
- a trip to the local newspaper where they do a great presentation on running a real newspaper
- guest speakers who are reporters/editors to answer questions for the kids and offer advice
- an application to be on the newspaper staff, where students will get the chance to fill out a real application and be interviewed for key positions (editors, etc.) - one child has already said that he's working on his resume!
- creating timelines
- brainstorming as a...

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Posted by:TP #141572

I did a classroom newspaper with my 5th graders each month last year, and I'm part of a newspaper club for 4th and 5th graders this year. I've found both years that the kids are an amazing source for article ideas. By 5th grade, many of them listen to the news or see it on tv, so they know what's going on in the world. They also can tell you what's happening at school, what's needed, etc. I would definitely start with your kids to see what sections they want in the paper, then brainstorm ideas to fall into each section. Last year, I published monthly, but this year since it's a school newspaper, we are aiming for every nine weeks, maybe 2x a nine weeks if possible. Hope this helps!


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Posted by:blueflowerart #141571

Topics for paragraphs:

Classroom Pets
Who's class
Where is it from?
What is it's name?

Field Trips

Recognizing Honor Roll students

Recognizing Birthdays

Mystery Teacher (interview the teacher but make it a mystery-have students put their guess on a sheet of paper and put it in the mystery box- pull a sheet and give the student who guesses the right teacher a prize)

Did you know?? (use the Guinness book of world records or another source)

School Activities

The Principal's Corner


Instead of an advertising section....students could pay 25 cents to say hi to a friend, make an announcement, say happy birthday, publish a poem, etc...

*Raise the money to help the PTA or to take your Newspaper Staff on a field trip to the...

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No title
Posted by:lucida #141569

I used to do a monthly school newsletter at my school. It was an 8 page newsletter and here's what I included:

~6 articles written by pairs of students
~Student Opinion
~Student Interview / Teacher Interview Q and A page - I had teams choose their "best" (different criteria every month) student each month to showcase, the teacher was chosen by the principal
~Sports page
~Poems, Fun and Games page

For the articles the students wrote about, I had them brainstorm every month what types of articles to write about (i.e., school events, student interests, issues, etc.). Once we established a list, I had the students vote on the top 6 stories they wanted to have featured in the newsletter. Then, the students (pairs or individuals) would sign up for the part of the newsletter they wanted to work on.

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No title
Posted by:snapshot #141567

I did one many years ago. They loved interviews and goofy "horoscopes" that we made with a school twist. It was the first thing they went to. Have guest article writers and artists. If you include student photos never post full names and make sure no body has a restriction filed against publishing photos.

It's great fun!!!!

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Ideas for Articles
Posted by:3rdGradeNE #88767

I have worked at the same school for 11 years, and have seen MANY articles. Here are some of my favorites:

* Meet the teacher. This is also very helpful if the teacher is new to your school. Basically 2-3 paragraphs on a teacher's professional and personal life. Maybe even a picture?

* Meet the student. Have teachers from different grades submit nominations for some of the brightest, most motivated students in their classes. Then, pick one for each month. (Don't go for the same grade each month!)

* Ask other teachers for some samples of students' writing. Some poems or short stories created by students will look great for the paper.

* For each newspaper, select ONE class out of your school. Have this teacher ask students to write an answer to some question. EXAMPLE: For the month of November, perhaps Ms. Kimberly in Room 10...

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School Newspaper Ideas
Posted by:M. #85628

Some suggestions:

-Interview a faculty/staff member for every edition.

-Classroom Spotlights-Each reporter picks a classroom to visit and visits with them before every edition for a period of time (20-30 minutes) they should get prior permission from the teacher and also see if they can come on a day and time where they will be something interesting (i.e. a review game, a group activity, skits, etc.) The reporters could also ask questions of the teacher and students about other things the class has been doing that highlights their school experience since the last newspaper edition.

-Free Write-reporters and students not on the newspaper may submit writing that they have done (either for fun or for class) that will be published in the newspaper.

-Birthdays-A list of student's (and teacher's) birthdays that take place from the time that edition is published until the next one...

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Posted by:stephanie #141566

We have our students type their articles on MS Word in the computer lab. I save them on my zip drive and then open them on my computer and cut & paste them into a newsletter format in MS Publisher. It turns out looking very much like a newspaper because we copy the pages onto 11x17 paper and fold it in half.
Good luck! Newspaper club is really fun to sponsor!:s)

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I second 'keep it simple'
Posted by:Azureskies #141568

Start small (if your principal will let you). Solicit emails about school events from other teachers since emails can be copied and pasted right into the document you are using for publishing.

If possible, find an 8th grader who once worked on a newspaper or yearbook group to help you and share the task of finding stories, setting up the pages, etc. They are really more responsible than you might imagine as long as you monitor behind them on everything and read through progress every day or two.

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My classes' newspaper
Posted by:maryteach #112034

wasn't as fancy as the ones I'm reading about here. They sound very nice. I did a newspaper this year, but I admit to taking an easier road. I hung up construction paper around the room, each with a job (reporter, weather, fashion, gossip--you have to monitor this one--reviews--of movies, video games, cars--sportswriting, comic strips, want ads--one kid wrote the most hilarious ads, and puzzles--they loved making puzzles!). I told them they could sign up for as many as they wanted, and that there was no limit on how many could do a job. It was completely choice-based. I contacted the DIRC (district instructional resources center) to publish it for us, and got a check from PTSA to cover the cost.

This is where I took the easy road: I just had them write their articles on white, unlined paper, in ink,...

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Classroom newspaper
Posted by:Susan Dee #141573

I was a high school newspaper adviser for four years. We published bimonthly, but our newspaper was 12-16 pages long. How often you publish will depend upon several things: how many pages your newspaper will be, how dedicated your newspaper staff is, the funding to produce the cost of each issue, and how successful you are at delegating responsibility. Here is some advice:
1. Start simply and expand. You should set a goal to publish four to six times during the first year and if successful, expand.
2. Treat your class newspaper as a professional enterprise. Make sure that each member has a duty. (editor, sports editer, news editor, features editor, copywriters, newspaper designer, columnist, sports reporter, etc.)
3. Set and enforce deadlines.
4. Make sure that you allocate time to edit the final paper before it is printed. Let your students know that until the paper is...

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