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Morning Work

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Morning Work for elementary students is a great way to help students settle in for their day. In addition it gives the teacher a chance to get all the 'morning extras' done.
Morning Stations....LONG!
Posted by:Leslie #24947

Hi! I will try to explain this the best way I can! Let me know if you need any clarification!

I do "Morning Stations" with my fourth graders Tuesday-Friday (Monday mornings are reserved for morning meeting and teaching of the new spelling skill) . There are four stations in my classroom that remain the same each week, and students are placed into preassigned groups.
The groups rotate Tues-Fri, so for example on Tuesday a Group A will go to Station #1, Wednesday this same group will go to Station
#2, and so on. The activities remain the same for one week, then change. Here are samples for each station:

Station #1 : Reading Comprehension (they read various high interest articles or stories and answer questions, usually open-ended questions).

Station #2 : Math (Usually a brain teaser from, or similar word problems)

Station #3 : Language...

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morning work
Posted by:SusanTeach #139227

I've never tried Drops, but I love the daily math and language reviews. I have different morning work for each day of the week (thanks to a poster on PT!):

Monday - daily math (1 sheet front and back)
Tuesday - daily language (1 sheet - front only because it takes more time)
Wednesday - word wall work (write a sentence with 5 words) or 2 handwriting pages (we have a book).
Thursday - journal
Friday - fun sheet (word search puzzle, coloring sheet, etc...)

When they finish their work, they put it in a morning folder and keep it in their desk. Then they read a book.

It's really not high maintenance because I just use the first few minutes of that subject that day to go over the work. For example, on Monday I spent the first 5 minutes of math going over...

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Morning work
Posted by:Lisa L #59141

I have my kiddos do "morning work" right after announcements until I am done with my D.I. Groups. Morning work is basically various skills up on butcher paper for them to complete. At the beginning of the year, it is alot of step by step explanations and copying(for the first two weeks, then the majority actually catch on). They have Morning work notebooks, and we go over it when time allows(they get to go up with markers and fill in blanks, etc,) They love it and it is reinforcing skills. An example may look like...

Today is Monday, August 15, 2003.
My name is ____________.
Finish the pattern. **^^**^^*
Write the alphabet.(copy if need to)
Fill in the missing #'s. 1,_,3,_,5,_,7,_,8,_,10
Are you a boy or a girl?
I am a _________.

It varies in length and difficulty. Eventually the...

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Morning work
Posted by:Julie #76048

I do morning journal when the students come in.

They keep the journal in a two pocket folder. One pocket is labeled "Completed" and the other is labeled "Incomplete".

Each morning they get a journal page which has a place for the date and a question. I require them to write at least a paragraph of 8 sentences. At the bottom of the page, they are to color a picture of their entry. When they are finished with it, they place it in the complete pocket. If it is time for our morning meeting and they have not finished, they place it in the Incomplete side, and finish it later on in the day.
On the last day of the month, the students put the entries in order and we staple them together to send home. They also make a cover sheet to go on top of the...

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morning work
Posted by:jl #25271

I usually have my students follow this schedule:

Monday and Thursday: Journal writing (I write the topic on the board to cut back on photocopying)

Tuesday: Math problem of the day. Our Math series comes with a standing chart with the problems/graphics already displayed, but you could use a standing tablet chart and write the problem of the day on that. I often let them work in pairs at this because some of the problems are a challenge!!!

Wednesday and Friday: Daily Language Activity (some schools call in Daily Oral Language) in which the students edit sentences/paragraphs for grammar, spelling, punctuation errors. I have the sentences on a transparency and display them on the overhead in the a.m. The students make the corrections in their DLA notebooks. Our reading series supplies the DLA sentences, but you could easily make...

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Morning routines - daily letter
Posted by:Cathy-Dee #58777

My daily letter is basically a note to the students that we read together. I often make printing mistakes (a capital letter in the middle of a word for example), spell a common word wrong, leave endings off words or beginnings, etc., and the students help to correct the letter as we read it.

A sample letter might be

Good morning class. ToDay we r go___ to learn
about the letter G. We are going To do addition in _ath and we will play _ath Bin__ too. ThiS afterNoon you will be go____ with Mr. P. for gym. Let's have a wonderful d__.

Depending on how much time you have will influence how much "work" you put into the letter.

For my calendar time we do the following
Put up the day and count how many days we...

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I Do Morning Work
Posted by:leonsicecream #131948

My students are allowed to sharpen pencils, get drinks, chat, and get organized until the pledge starts. After that they are to listen to announcements and get ready for morning work.

I list the am work on the board. It starts with Mrs. Renz's Self starts. I have given them printed copies of the self starts and also put it up on the projector. It includes geography, language skills and math. There is also a Friday test for the self starts. You can find it on Mrs. Renz's site in her file cabinet.

I also have the kids who finish the self starts, do a daily spelling activity, and have a math brain teaser up for those who are really quick first finishers. If they complete all of that they can read silently and do book responses in their literature logs.


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morning work(late)
Posted by:Lisa #33508

Here is an example of what one butcher paper may look like...

Today is_______,__________30, 2002.
Is today Friday? Yes or No
1_3, 4, _, _, 7, 8, _, 10....

"at"(there might be a picture with these to help them out)

c_ _ h_ _ b_ _ s_ _

Write a sentence about this picture piucture here)

1+0= 2+1= ........

Fix these sentences. yuo like mi cat your name jake

And so on...I usually look at the benchmarks for that six weeks and make up the morning work from there. I use it to introduce word families and things of that nature. Alot of times all the kindergarten teachers swap papers around if they dont get checked that day. It is good for them if you check it together. We also let one of them take it home...

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Morning work
Posted by:Phyllis #45531

Each Monday morning my students find on their desks a brightly colored piece of paper with a Little Lesson on it for the first 4 days of the week. Each lessons contains 2 analogies, 2 math, 2 English, 2 social studies,2 science questions plus a What Every Kid Should Know. Most of the questions are things they can look up in their textbooks or reference books we have in class.They begin on the day's Little Lesson as soon as they enter the class and unpack their backpacks (7:45). The answers are checked and the correct answer written on the board at 8:10. They correct their papers or fill in those they didn't complete. On Fridays, they have a 20 question +2 bonus question test over the week's Little Lessons. If they make 90 or better, they get ice cream on Friday afteroon. The grade on this activity is used for any subject I choose. During the...

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Morning Work
Posted by:mandyg #112576

Hey! I teach fourth grade. This is one of my goals for the summer. I am trying to make a binder FULL of transparencies that I can just pull for morning work.

I have DOL, DGEO and DA (analogies). I am just compiling it all so I have 2-3 sentences to correct each day, 2 analogies, and 2 geography questions. I am able to fit three days worth of questions on one sheet of paper. I am number each sheet as week 1, 2 and so on.

For the other two days of the week there will either be math work (from my teammate because I team teach), reading comprehension passage, or grammar work. I have found several free ones I have cut and pasted on line. EdHelper and Busy Teacher Cafe have been great for these. I figure I will supplement whenever I need some pages.
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morning work
Posted by:diane #22132

I post daily morning work on the board, have since day 1, they are so well trained now that when a parent came in to talk we were able to do so for 15 minutes, in the room, and she commented on how nice and quiet it was! I was very proud of them. It took a few days to get them used to it, most mornings it is silent reading but sometimes it's a spelling practice activity, writing to me (a way to practice writing friendly letters and for me to do anecdotal observations of writing/spelling skils, this is not graded), sometimes they do a math activity. I still have to give a gentle reminder, usually I praise 1-3 kids who are doing what they should "If you are doing what Katie is doing then you are doing the right thing, thank you" I teach 3rd but this works...

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morning work
Posted by:michelle #11092

For my morning work - the students have a morning math notebook in their desk. Each morning when they come in, they get out the notebook and do the math boxes that I have put on the board. It is a great way to review concepts that have just been taught as well as those that have not been visited recently. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes to go over each morning after the announcements. Hope this helps.

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morning ideas
Posted by:Rebecca #12144

I make find-a-word puzzles from our spelling words. You can make them at Puzzlemaker at The kids enjoy searching for the words and don't realize it is helping them spell the words. Sometimes I have them write in their journal. I might have a picture at each group's table for them to make up a story for or just have one posted in the room. After I finish up my morning routine, then we have share time.
We do "story pictures"also. They have a designated number of spelling words to use in a sentence(maybe one or two) and illustrate their sentence. Then we go to two sentences and work our way up to a paragraph(using many spelling words). We share these as well.
You might try "Mixed Mad Minutes". Instead of just math problems, I will have a transparency on the overhead of things...

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